Wages for Sample Clauses

Wages for. Unit Members shall be paid in accordance with the Plumas Lake Elementary School District Certificated Salary Schedule – Appendix B.
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Wages for. Xxxxxxxxx Helpers shall be a minimum of 63% of the journeyman rate spelled out in the appropriate schedule above. Benefit rates for Xxxxxxxxx Helpers shall be 100% of the Area benefit rates except that no Health and Welfare contribution will be required on the first 250 hours of employment for each Xxxxxxxxx Helper, and no Retirement contribution will be required for the first 500 hours of employment for each Xxxxxxxxx Helper. It is the responsibility of the Employer to track Xxxxxxxxx Helper hours and inform the Employee and the Union when the hourly requirements have been met. No Xxxxxxxxx Helper shall begin any program of apprenticeship and suffer a reduction in wage rate from what was being earned as a Xxxxxxxxx Helper.
Wages for. Compressed Air work shall be as follows for Tunnels, Caisson and Cylinder Work in Compressed Air:

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  • Wages and Classification Premiums Provisions under these headings shall remain unchanged and are repeated as 20.04, except to the extent that the Wage Schedule referred to in the hospital's expiring collective agreement shall be adjusted and retroactivity shall be paid in accordance with the Implementation Agreement signed.

  • Wages and Salaries The wages and salaries for Unit employees have been negotiated in good faith between the Union and the District and shall be as set forth in Appendix A of this Agreement. The wages and salaries set forth in Appendix A are intended to, and do, meet any prevailing wage obligations which are or may be imposed upon the District.



  • WAGES AND HOURS Wage rates established at the beginning of the Work will not be changed without the approval of the Owner. The Work will be performed on a 40-hour week basis insofar as possible and no overtime will be worked without prior approval of the Owner. This Section shall not be applicable in the event that this Agreement provides for a lump-sum or unit price agreement for the Work.

  • Pay Days The Employer shall pay salaries/wages bi-weekly, or as dictated by past practice, in accordance with Appendix "A" attached hereto and forming part of this Agreement. On each pay, each Employee shall be provided with an itemized statement of her salary/wages, overtime and other supplementary pay and deductions.

  • Overtime Meals (i) When employees are required to work more than two (2) hours beyond their regular workdays, the employer will provide hot meals at no cost to the employees, up to a maximum of fifteen dollars and twenty-five cents ($15.25) (receipts to be submitted) plus paid meal periods of one-half (1/2) hour at the prevailing rate and thereafter at four (4) hour intervals. Any early morning start before regular starting time is entitled to a paid meal. The breakfast limit is twelve dollars and twenty-five cents ($12.25)

  • WAGES AND ALLOWANCES The wages contained herein at Clause 7 – Wages Schedules will be in lieu of the wages described in other Appendices of this Agreement but are to be read in conjunction with Clause 4 of this Appendix. The allowances will apply as contained in Appendix A unless mentioned otherwise in this Appendix.

  • WAGES AND CLASSIFICATIONS 14.01 Job classifications are set out in Schedule "A" of this Agreement. They shall not be changed or deleted, nor shall the jobs themselves be altered or amended without discussion with the Union.

  • Payment of Annual Leave (a) If an employee takes annual leave during a period, the annual leave shall be paid at the employee’s base rate of pay for the employee’s ordinary hours of work in the period.