Contractor definition

Contractor means the individual or entity, that has entered into this contract with the Commonwealth.
Contractor means the person whose tender has been accepted and with whom the Contract has been entered into.

Examples of Contractor in a sentence

  • If this box is checked, I further certify that Contractor has taken precautions or imposed conditions to ensure that the employees of Vendor and any subcontractor will not become covered employees.

  • The Employer or the Contractor may terminate the Contract if the other party causes a fundamental breach of the Contract.

  • Contractor will maintain these precautions or conditions throughout the time the contracted services are provided under this procurement.

  • The architect Consultant will issue two sets of drawings to the Contractor for the items for some changes have been made.

  • If the Contractor has not corrected a defect within the time specified in the Employer’s Representative’s notice, the Employer’s Representative will assess the cost of having the defect corrected by other parties and such cost shall be treated as a variation and be deducted from the Contract Price.

More Definitions of Contractor

Contractor means the individual, firm or company, whether incorporated or not, undertaking the works and shall include the legal personal representative of such individual or the persons composing such firm or company, or the successors of such firm or company and the permitted assignees of such individual, firm or company.
Contractor and “contractor” include any successors or assigns of the Contractor or contractor;
Contractor means the person or other entity entering into the contract with the Authority to perform all of the work required under the contract.
Contractor means the person, firm or corporation named as the contactor below;
Contractor means the individual or firm or company whether incorporated or not, whose tender has been accepted by the employer and the legal successor of the individual or firm or company, but not (except with the consent of the Employer) any assignee of such person.
Contractor means a person w ho has a direct contractual relationship with the Recipient and is (i) the manufacturer of all or a portion of the Project, or (ii) the provider of labor, materials or services in connection with the construction, reconstruction, expansion, improvement or engineering of the Project, or both. "Cost of Capital Improvement Projects" means the costs of acquiring , constructing, reconstructing, expanding, improving and engineering Capital Improvement Projects and, as applicable, related financing costs.
Contractor means the person named in the Contract Data and the legal successors in title to this person, but not (except with the consent of the Employer) any assignee.