TIME EMPLOYEES. Part-time employees shall receive holiday pay for the total amount of regular wages earned and vacation pay payable to the employee in the four (4) weeks before the work week in which the holiday occurred divided by twenty (20). Time off taken due to vacation or other "paid" leave shall not be excluded from the calculation and the holiday pay shall be calculated as if the employee were at work.
TIME EMPLOYEES. Definition Part-time employee means a person whose normal scheduled hours of work are less than General the weekly hours of work prescribed in the "Hours of Work" article, but not less than those prescribed in the Public Service Labour Relations Act. Part-time employees shall be entitled to the benefits provided under this Agreement in the same proportion as their normal weekly hours of work compare with the normal weekly hours of work of full-time employees except that: part-time employees shall be paid at the straight-time rate of pay for all hours of work performed up to the normal daily hours for a full-time employee: and at the applicable overtime rate of pay as specified by the Overtime article. leave will only be provided during those periods in which the employees are scheduled to their duties; or where it may displace other leave as prescribed by this agreement. The days of rest provisions of this Agreement only apply on a day which is normally a day of rest for a full-time employee. Notwithstandingthe provisions of the Severance Pay article, an employee whose continuous employment is a combination of both full-time and part-time continuous employment shall, for the purpose of severance pay, have those completed years of part-time continuous employment reduced in the same proportion as the part-time weekly hours of work compare with the scheduled weekly hours of work of full-time employees. For such an employee who is a part- time employee, on the date of termination of employment, the weekly rate of pay referred to in the Severance Pay article shall be the weekly rate of pay that the employee is being paid on termination of employment, adjusted to the full-time weekly rate. A part-time employee shall not be paid for the designated holidays but shall, instead, be paid a premium of four decimal two five (4.25) percent for all straight-time hours during the period of part-time employment. When a part-time employee is required to work on a day which is prescribed as a designated holiday for a full-time employee in the Designated Holidays article of this agreement, the employee shall be paid time and one-half (1 the straight-time rate of pay for the first seven decimal five (7.5) hours worked on the holiday and double time (2) thereafter. A part-time employee shall be eligible for a pay increment on the first day of the month which is nearest to the anniversary date of the employee’s appointment to classification level. Notwithstanding clause there sh...
TIME EMPLOYEES. 387. A represented employee working less than full-time, who would not receive a salary increment adjustment otherwise, shall be granted a one-time step increase, not to exceed top step of class, when he or she completes 1040 hours of service in his or her classification. Seniority
TIME EMPLOYEES. A part time employee shall receive in lieu of all fringe benefits (being those benefits to an employee, paid in whole or part by the Hospital as part of direct compensation or other wise, including holiday pay, save and except salary, vacation pay, standby pay, call back pay, reporting pay, responsibility allowance, jury and witness duty, bereavement pay and maternity supplemental unemployment benefits), an amount equal to twelve percent of his/her regular straight time hourly rate for all straight time hours paid. ARTICLE INJURY AND DISABILITY:
TIME EMPLOYEES. Part-time employees shall be defined as persons who are employed by the Company to supplement the regular work force provided they are not called into work outside an established shift. Part-time employees may be used to replace employees on sick leave, vacations or authorized leave of absence. The total number of part-time employees shall not exceed of the combined total number of Aircraft assigned to a shift i.e. morning shifts or afternoon shifts. For the purpose of this section, morning shifts will be those with starting times between hours and hours and afternoon shifts shall be those with starting times between hours and hours. (Exception of Article A minimum of of the employees who elect to take blocks shall be on split weekend shift which will be bid by seniority (Based on forty hours per week). Other shifts in the block shall be in accordance with Article herein. (Part Time numbers may be increased to cover the Split Weekend coverage (i.e., Friday and and Monday). The specific numbers will be set by mutual agreement of the Joint Scheduling Committee at the Fall Schedules). Part-time employees shall come under the terms of Article herein, and the Company shall indicate on the formal remittance who the part-time employees are. Part-time employees shall not accrue seniority as provided in Article herein but shall have a part- time seniority list, calculated on calendar time and on actual hours worked. Calendar seniority shall be used for lay-off and recall and for purposes of being offered full-time vacancies. Such vacancies shall be offered to part-time employees in order of seniority. Part-time employees may refuse and elect to remain part-time. Such refusal shall not prejudice the employee on any subsequent full-time opening. When a part-time employee accepts a permanent full- time vacancy, his total hours worked shall be calculated and divided by eight (8) and the employee shall be credited with the result in determining his position on the full time seniority list (example a part-time employee who has worked hours shall be credited with six (6) months seniority).
TIME EMPLOYEES. A regular part-time employee is one who is regularly scheduled to work less than thirty-seven and a half (37.5) hours per week. Time worked as a casual will be added to their status as a part time employee.
TIME EMPLOYEES. 7.1 Part-time employees with provisional, probationary or permanent status shall be eligible to earn all employee benefits on a pro rata basis provided that such employees work not less than thirty- two (32) hours in each pay period and are assigned a regular work schedule, as opposed to being subject to call or to work when available.
TIME EMPLOYEES. Section 18.2 A Regular Part-Time employee is one who, for an indefinite period of time, will be scheduled to work fewer hours than a Regular Full-Time employee is usually scheduled to work in a calendar year.