Aid Sample Clauses

Aid a. The Board shall provide first aid training costs for any teacher who volunteers and is selected to undertake such training.
Aid. The Board of Education will pay toward the cost of tuition, in the amounts hereinafter set forth, for approved courses as hereinafter described, up to a maximum of fifteen credits per year, provided, however, that only up to nine credits may be taken during the school year, and further provided that evidence is given of satisfactory completion of and grades received for said courses. In order to receive reimbursement for courses taken during the second semester of a school year, a teacher must be on the payroll of the Board of Education as of September 1 of the following year.
Aid. The Employer agrees to provide a Hearing Aid Benefit one hundred percent (100%) Employer paid. Benefit Enrolment Rules Employees may elect to enrol in any or all of the group insurance at the time of hire. Employees who have elected to enrol in a particular plan may withdraw at any time. An employee who has not enrolled in a plan or has withdrawn may enrol in a plan subject to carrier approval but will not immediately be eligible to claim benefits except as defined below. Such late or re-enrolment shall occur only at the sign-up opportunities in January and July each year. Late enrolment or re-enrolment is subject to carrier approval. Initial benefits which may be claimed are as follows:
Aid. The Hirer shall ensure that a person with appropriate first aid skills is present at the Premises/Facilities during the period of hire. The Hirer must ensure that a suitable first aid kit is provided for use by such person during the period of hire. In the event of first aid being administered, a written report will be forwarded to the Academy. The report must contain the name, address, type of injury, first aid administered and the reason/cause of the injury.
Aid. Who is it for? Working mothers or working fathers with an employment contract of 7 days or more and with a working seniority of at least 3 months worked in the last 12. What can you receive? A contribution up to a maximum of €150 per month, up to the child's third year of life. Parents' day-care costs contribution Who is it for? Maternity workers, who receive the allowance directly from INPS and for whom the working relationship has expired, at a fixed time employed through an agency. What can you receive? A supplementary contribution to the maternity allowance up to 100% of the last salary received. Maternity support AID Who is it for? Pregnant workers whose contract of employment ends in the first 180 days the beginning of the contract and who are not entitled to the mandatory compensation from of the Italian Institute for Social Security (INPS). What can you receive? A one-off contribution of €2,800 gross of taxes provided for by law. Maternity aid Who is it for? Women workers whose employment contract ends in the first 180 days after the start of adoption or xxxxxx care and who are not entitled to the indemnity provided for by the relevant INPS for compulsory maternity/paternity leave. What can you receive? A one-off contribution of €2,800 gross of taxes provided for by law. Contribution for adoption or xxxxxx care Who is it for? Workers with active employment agency contracts and with at least 90 days' length of service, and for their family members who are financially dependent, with 100% recognised disability. What can you receive? An annual contribution of €1,500. Support for persons with 100% disability AID FOR EDUCATION Who is it for? Male or female workers with dependent children enrolled in a primary or secondary school or enrolled in a legal degree course. What can you receive? A one-off contribution, for each dependent child, for the purchase of books or teaching materials worth €200. Good books or teaching materials for children of agency workers Who is it for? Workers enrolled in evening classes for the achievement of the secondary public school diploma of first or second degree. What can you receive? A one-off contribution of €200 gross for the purchase of books or other teaching materials. Good books for working students SUPPORT FOR EDUCATION Who is it for? Male and female workers with agency employment contracts enrolled in a degree course within its legal duration. What can you receive? An annual contribution of €200 gross for the costs...
Aid. All reasonable expenses and costs with respect to any criminal or civil action taken against or in respect to any employee covered by this Agre�ement arising out of such employee's action while carrying out their normal war�� duties will be paid by the City provided the selection of a solicitor is approved by the City and provided such actions do not constitute a gross disregard or neglect of their duty. Notwithstanding the foregoing, should an employee be found guilty of a criminal charge the City shall not be liable for any expense in relation to the employee's defence on that charge or related charges.
Aid. First Aid Kits shall be provided and maintained in the store. LEAVE OF Employees are expected to attend work regularly. When unable to attend, the Manager, or designate must be notified, as soon it is reasonably possible prior to the commencement of the scheduled shift of the employee, giving the reason why the employee is unable to attend, when he expects to return to work and how the Manager or designate can call him relative to his absence. The Company may require the employee to produce a medical certificate from a duly qualified medical practitioner upon his return to work for absences of three days or less. The Company agrees to pay an employee for the additional cost incurred in obtaining the certificate beyond what provides. The Company may grant leave of absence without pay to any employee for legitimate reasons. Such permissionand request are to be in writing on the standard leave of absence request form two months in advance, except ,in any emergency. The Company reply to the request for leave of absence will be given within two (2) weeks, provided the Supervisor involved is not absent on vacation, sickness, etc., in which event the reply will be given within one (1) week following his return. When leave of absence is granted, there shall be no of seniority. A claim that the Company withheld permission without justification may be the subject of a grievance and processed accordingly. Any leave of absence granted in conjunction with the employee's vacation will deemed to follow his vacation period. The provisions of the Employment Standards Act shall govern regarding parental leaves of absence. The Company agrees that an employee appointed by the Union as a full-time representative shall be granted leave of absence without pay while serving in such capacity. Such persons shall continue to accumulate seniority while as Union representatives and shall be entitled to return to the bargaining unit should their service be terminated by the Union, with full accumulated seniority. The Employer shall grant a leave of absence without pay to one employee per store who is required to attend Union Conferences or Conventions. An Arbitration Board dealing with a grievance involving discharge or loss of seniority of an employee resulting from an absence caused by a Court conviction (where the Company has refused to grant leave of absence for such conviction) shall have the power to re-instate the employee with full seniority rights or by any other arrangements ...
Aid. No member of the bargaining unit shall be required to cross a picket line of any municipality, village, federal agency, service commission or person outside of geographical boundaries which is involved in a legal strike or lockout of firefighters.
Aid. The Employer agrees to continue a Hearing Aid Benefit one hundred percent (100%) Employer paid. Group Insurance Plan