For Adoption Sample Clauses

For Adoption. An adoption leave shall be granted by the Board for up to one (1) school year upon request of the teacher. Requests for adoption leaves should be made as soon as the adoption is known to be imminent.
For Adoption. (i) A letter from the adopting agency confirming date of placement.
For Adoption from the day the child comes into the Employee’s custody, care and control for the first time. Employees benefiting from this supplement must return to work for a minimum of three months after their pregnancy and/or parental leave. If not, the Employee will reimburse the Employer for the supplement received.
For Adoption. 3. The Union and Caltrans agree to a one time only suspension of Unit 11, Article 13.8

Related to For Adoption

  • Parental/Adoption Leave An employee may request a parental or adoption leave of absence without pay for the care and custody of a newborn child or an adoptive child under the law of the Province. Such leave of absence will be to a maximum of sixty-two (62) weeks. Further, such leave of absence shall be granted provided the employee requests the leave in writing at least two (2) weeks before the date specified in the application as the date the employee intends to commence the leave. The leave will be taken during the first seventy-eight (78) weeks after the birth of the child or, in the case of an adoption, after the child comes into the custody of the employee. The employee shall continue to accrue seniority while on such leave. Employees will have the option of maintaining their coverage under the Employer benefit plan by prepaying the cost of those benefits prior to commencing such leave. Employees who choose not to maintain their benefit coverage under the Employer benefit plan will have their benefits reinstated upon return to work. The employee, when returning to work, shall give the Employer two (2) weeks’ notice of return to work. The employee shall be returned to their former position at the completion of his/her leave of absence.

  • Adoption of Agreements BellSouth shall make available, pursuant to 47 USC § 252 and the FCC rules and regulations regarding such availability, to <<customer_name>> any interconnection, service, or network element provided under any other agreement filed and approved pursuant to 47 USC § 252, provided a minimum of six months remains on the term of such Agreement. The Parties shall adopt all rates, terms and conditions concerning such other interconnection, service or network element and any other rates, terms and conditions that are legitimately related to or were negotiated in exchange for or in conjunction with the interconnection, service or network element being adopted. The adopted interconnection, service, or network element and agreement shall apply to the same states as such other agreement. The term of the adopted agreement or provisions shall expire on the same date as set forth in the agreement which was adopted.

  • Adoption Leave Upon request, a regular employee shall be granted thirty-seven (37) weeks adoption leave of absence without pay. The employee shall furnish proof of adoption. Where both parents are employees of the same Employer, the employees shall decide which of them will apply for adoption leave.

  • Safe Harbor The parties hereto intend (a) for this Guaranty and each Transaction to qualify for the safe harbor treatment provided by the Bankruptcy Code and for Buyer to be entitled to all of the rights, benefits and protections afforded to Persons under the Bankruptcy Code with respect to a “securities contract” as defined in Section 741(7) of the Bankruptcy Code and that payments under the Repurchase Documents are deemed “margin payments,” “settlement payments” or a “transfer” as defined in Section 101 of the Bankruptcy Code, (b) for the grant of a security interest set forth in Section 6 of the Repurchase Agreement to also be a “securities contract” as defined in Section 741(7)(A)(xi) of the Bankruptcy Code, and (c) that Buyer (for so long as Buyer is a “financial institution,” “financial participant” or other entity listed in Section 555, 559 or 362(b)(6) of the Bankruptcy Code) shall be entitled to the “safe harbor” benefits and protections afforded under the Bankruptcy Code with respect to a “securities contract,” including (x) the rights, set forth in Sections 13 and 21 of the Repurchase Agreement and in Section 555, 559 and 561 of the Bankruptcy Code, to liquidate the Purchased Assets and terminate the Repurchase Agreement and this Guaranty, and (y) the right to offset or net out as set forth in the Repurchase Agreement, in Section 18 hereof and in Section 362(b)(6) of the Bankruptcy Code.