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For Adoption. An adoption leave shall be granted by the Board for up to one (1) school year upon request of the teacher. Requests for adoption leaves should be made as soon as the adoption is known to be imminent.
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For Adoption. 3. The Union and Caltrans agree to a one time only suspension of Unit 11, Article 13.8
For Adoption from the day the child comes into the Employee’s custody, care and control for the first time. Employees benefiting from this supplement must return to work for a minimum of three months after their pregnancy and/or parental leave. If not, the Employee will reimburse the Employer for the supplement received.
For Adoption. (i) A letter from the adopting agency confirming date of placement.

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  • Adoption Agreement If the Employer does not maintain its Plan under a Code Section 401(k) Adoption Agreement and, prior to the adoption of this Master Plan, the Plan accepted Participant nondeductible contributions for a Plan Year beginning after December 31, 1986, those contributions must satisfy the requirements of Code Section 401(m). This Section 4.01 does not prohibit the Plan's acceptance of Participant nondeductible contributions prior to the first Plan Year commencing after the Plan Year in which the Employer adopts this Master Plan.

  • Elective Deferrals An Employee will be eligible to become a Contributing Participant in the Plan (and thus be eligible to make Elective Deferrals) and receive Matching Contributions (including Qualified Matching Contributions, if applicable) after completing 1 (enter 0, 1 or any fraction less than 1) Years of Eligibility Service.

  • ADOPTION OF BUDGET The budget shall be approved and signed below by members of the School Board. Adopted this day of , 20 by a roll call vote of Yeas, and Xxxx, to wit: ** MEMBERS VOTING YEA: ** MEMBERS VOTING NAY: * Based on the 23 Illinois Administrative Code-Part 100 and inconformity with Section 17-1 of the School Code. ** Type in the members who voted "YEA" nor "NAY". Actual school board member signatures are not required for electronic submission.

  • Parental/Adoption Leave (a) A nurse who has been employed for at least thirteen (13) weeks and who is a parent of a child is entitled to parental leave without pay following the birth of the child or the coming of the child into the custody, care and control of a parent for the first time, shall be entitled to thirty-seven (37) weeks (provided the employee did not take pregnancy leave) of parental/adoption leave of absence without pay in accordance with the provisions of the Employment Standards Act of Ontario as may be amended from time to time, except as hereunder set out in this article.

  • Adoption of Agreements BellSouth shall make available, pursuant to 47 USC § 252 and the FCC rules and regulations regarding such availability, to <<customer_name>> any interconnection, service, or network element provided under any other agreement filed and approved pursuant to 47 USC § 252, provided a minimum of six months remains on the term of such Agreement. The Parties shall adopt all rates, terms and conditions concerning such other interconnection, service or network element and any other rates, terms and conditions that are legitimately related to or were negotiated in exchange for or in conjunction with the interconnection, service or network element being adopted. The adopted interconnection, service, or network element and agreement shall apply to the same states as such other agreement. The term of the adopted agreement or provisions shall expire on the same date as set forth in the agreement which was adopted.

  • Developer Compensation for Emergency Services If, during an Emergency State, the Developer provides services at the request or direction of the NYISO or Connecting Transmission Owner, the Developer will be compensated for such services in accordance with the NYISO Services Tariff.

  • Adoption Leave (a) The employee will notify the employer at least ten weeks in advance of the date of commencement of adoption leave and the period of leave to be taken. An employee may commence adoption leave prior to providing such notice, where through circumstances beyond the control of the employee, the adoption of a child takes place earlier.

  • Safe Harbor The recipient government will then compare the reporting year’s actual tax revenue to the baseline. If actual tax revenue is greater than the baseline, Treasury will deem the recipient government not to have any recognized net reduction for the reporting year, and therefore to be in a safe harbor and outside the ambit of the offset provision. This approach is consistent with the ARPA, which contemplates recoupment of Fiscal Recovery Funds only in the event that such funds are used to offset a reduction in net tax revenue. If net tax revenue has not been reduced, this provision does not apply. In the event that actual tax revenue is above the baseline, the organic revenue growth that has occurred, plus any other revenue-raising changes, by definition must have been enough to offset the in-year costs of the covered changes.

  • Modifications to Service This Auction Site reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Service with or without notice to user. This Auction Site shall not be liable to users or any third party should this Auction Site exercise its right to modify or discontinue the Service.

  • System for Award Management (XXX) Requirement Alongside a signed copy of this Agreement, Grantee will provide Florida Housing with a proof of registration and Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) number. Grantee will continue to maintain an active XXX registration with current information at all times during which it has an active award under this Agreement.

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