Protective Sample Clauses

Protective. The Hospital agrees to continue its present practices with respect to the provisions of protective clothing and safety devices to employees, subject to the provisions set out below with respect o safety footwear. The Hospital further agrees to meet directly with representatives of the Union or through the Accident Prevention Committee to discuss the need for any protective clothing or safety equipment in addition to that which the Hospital is presently providing. Effective September and on that date for each sub- sequent year, the Hospital will provide per year to each full time employee who is required by the Hospital to wear safety footwear during the course of his duties.
Protective. Essential protective clothing including coveralls (to be cleaned by the Employer), welder's gloves, protective vests or leather jackets, noise abatement devices, and rainwear shall be supplied at no charge to the employee. In the event that an employee does not return the foregoing items supplied to them by the Employer, the Employer shall charge the cost of same to the employee and deduct this cost from any money owing to the employee.
Protective reserves the right at any time to suspend or limit the offering of the Contracts upon thirty days written notice to IDI, except where the notice period may be shortened because of legal action taken by any regulatory agent.
Protective at its sole expense, shall have the responsibility for furnishing IDI and its representatives with prospectuses, financial statements, sales promotion materials as well as individual sales proposals related to the sale of the Policies, and other documents which IDI reasonably requests for use in connection with the distribution of the Policies. PROTECTIVE shall have responsibility for preparing, filing with the appropriate federal and state regulatory authorities and printing all required prospectuses and/or registration statements in connection with the Policies and the payments of all related expenses. IDI shall not use any sales materials that have not been approved by PROTECTIVE; provided, however, that IDI shall have responsibility for approving and filing all sales literature and advertisements with the NASD and the SEC as required by law or rule.
Protective shall arrange for the payment of commissions directly to those Brokers who sell Policies under written agreements entered into pursuant to paragraph 6 of Article A above, in amounts as may be agreed to by PROTECTIVE and specified in such written agreements.
Protective. ADVANCES Agent shall be authorized, in its discretion, at any time that any conditions in SECTION 6 are not satisfied, and without regard to the aggregate Commitments, to make Base Rate Revolver Loans ("PROTECTIVE ADVANCES") (a) up to an aggregate amount of $5,000,000 outstanding at any time, if Agent deems such Loans necessary or desirable to preserve or protect Collateral, or to enhance the collectibility or repayment of Obligations; or (b) to pay any other amounts chargeable to Obligors under any Loan Documents, including costs, fees and expenses. Each Lender shall participate in each Protective Advance on a Pro Rata basis. Required Lenders may at any time revoke Agent's authority to make further Protective Advances by written notice to Agent. Absent such revocation, Agent's determination that funding of a Protective Advance is appropriate shall be conclusive.