Initiative Sample Clauses

Initiative. Refers to initiation of action by the employee. Initiative shows up in the form of suggestions and constructive criticism, but it is most obvious when the employee acts to produce more efficient, productive or economical methods and procedures. Does the employee show self-reliant enterprise? Does the employee take opportunities to exercise initiative or must he/she be prodded into action? Is the employee alert to operating efficiency and cost-cutting? Does the employee offer practical, constructive criticism?
Initiative. A. Demonstrates initiative and is resourceful B. Performs tasks with minimal supervision C. Uses time productively and efficiently IV. PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS
Initiative. Unsatisfactory The employee regularly lacks initiative and, therefore, does not adequately complete work assignments. Average The employee demonstrates initiative by adequately completing work expectations and, occasionally, suggests ways to perform responsibilities in a different fashion. Outstanding The employee demonstrates the highest initiative as evidenced by consistently completing work assignments in superlative fashion and regularly suggests ways to perform responsibilities in a different fashion.
Initiative. In 2011, faculty adopted a proposal to require students to complete an academic statement as part of their progress toward a degree. The faculty also identified and adopted a number of proposed measures through which faculty will provide advising, mentoring, and oversight to students to assist them in completing their academic statement and to improve their experience at Evergreen. This Article describes the agreement to implement these proposals, referred to as the Academic Statement Initiative (the “Initiative”), during the term of this Agreement.
Initiative. M N U Performs assigned tasks in a confident eager manner without detailed instructions Shows interest in work Tackles difficult jobs Sees things to be done Able to work without constant supervision Adjusts to new situations Comments:
Initiative. Resourceful and self-motivated; sets goals & strives to reach them; thinks constructively & takes responsibility to get job done