Public school definition

Public school means any institution or activity operated by
Public school means a preschool, elementary, middle, or high school established under state law, regulated by the local state authorities in the various political subdivisions, funded and maintained by public taxation, and open and free to all children of the particular district where the school is located.
Public school means that part of a school district that is a single attendance center in which instruction is offered by one or more teachers and is discernible as a building or group of buildings generally recognized as either an elementary, middle, junior high or high school or any combination of those and includes a charter school;

Examples of Public school in a sentence

  • Public school fraternity, sorority, secret society, or gang means an organization composed wholly or in part of students that seeks to perpetuate itself by taking additional members from the students enrolled in school based on a decision of its membership rather than on the free choice of a qualified student.

  • Public school sites may be jointly owned and operated or owned by the school district.

  • Public school employees are, and always have been, held to a high standard of behavior.

  • Public school students who have attained the age of 16 years and who have not graduated are subject to compulsory school attendance until the formal declaration of intent is filed with the district school board.

  • Public school providers choosing to participate in the South Carolina Four-Year-Old Child Development Kindergarten Program must submit an application to the Department of Education.

More Definitions of Public school

Public school means a public elementary or secondary school.
Public school means the campus of and any building, facility, vehicle or other item of property owned, operated, controlled by or in the possession of a local school district. For purposes of student discipline, the term also includes any non-school premises being used for school-sponsored activities.
Public school means a school operated by a unified school district organized under the laws of this state.
Public school means a middle school, junior high school, or high school within the public school system referred to in Article IX of the state Constitution.
Public school means any school directly supported in whole or in part by taxation.
Public school means that term as defined in section 5 of the revised school code, 1976 PA 451, MCL 380.5.
Public school means a school contemplated in Chapter 3;