Copies of all Sample Clauses

Copies of all notices to the Buyer shall be sent to the Buyer at its principal place of business, attention "President."
Copies of all insurance policies maintained by the Company and the Subsidiary Undertaking are attached to the Disclosure Letter.
Copies of all. Loan closing documents executed by the Borrower and/or Guarantor for the Loan closing. The Lender also must provide copies of the HUD or Settlement Statement and the Loan Amortization Schedule;
Copies of all of the Existing Loan Documents (as defined in the body of this Agreement) and any correspondence or notices pertaining thereto. EXHIBIT "TENANT PURCHASE RIGHTS" EXHIBIT "SERVICE CONTRACTS" EXHIBIT "REAL ESTATE TAX MATTERS" EXHIBIT "LEASE CONTROVERSIES" EXHIBIT "SECURITIES REPORTING REQUIREMENTS" For the period of time commencing on the date of the Acquisition Agreement and continuing through the second anniversary of the Closing Date, Sellers shall, from time to time, upon reasonable advance notice from the REIT, provide the REIT and its representatives, agents and employees with access to all financial and other information in its possession or with respect to which it has reasonable access pertaining to the period of Seller's ownership and operation of the Projects, which information is relevant and reasonably necessary, in the opinion of the REIT's outside, third party accountants (the "Accountants"), to enable the REIT and its Accountants to prepare financial statements in compliance with any or all of (a) Rule 3-14 of Regulation S-X of the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "Commission"); (b) any other rule issued by the Commission and applicable to the REIT; and (c) any registration statement, report or disclosure statement filed with the Commission by, or on behalf of, the REIT; provided, however, that in any such event(s), the UPREIT shall reimburse Sellers for those third party, out-of-pocket costs and expenses that Sellers incur in order to comply with the foregoing requirements. Sellers acknowledge and agree that the following is a representative description of the information and documentation that the REIT and the Accountants may require in order to comply with (a), (b) and (c) above. Sellers shall provide such information, and documentation on a per-Project basis, if available.
Copies of all job postings shall be provided to a member of the Union Committee before posting.
Copies of all job postings shall be forwarded to the Union. The City shall notify the employee and the Union of the acceptance or rejection of the employee's application within fourteen (14) days of the date fixed in the posting for final submission of applications. Nothing herein requires the Employer to fill the said position.