Copies of all Sample Clauses

Copies of all. (a) current EHS Permits;
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Copies of all notices to the Buyer shall be sent to the Buyer at its principal place of business, attention "President."
Copies of all. Job Descriptions shall be maintained and be made available to staff upon their request.
Copies of all insurance policies maintained by the Company and the Subsidiary Undertaking are attached to the Disclosure Letter.
Copies of all job postings shall be submitted to the Union Committee prior to the posting. The Employer will endeavour to provide forty-eight (48) hours’ notice to the Union Committee prior to posting a job vacancy.
Copies of all. Loan closing documents executed by the Borrower and/or Guarantor for the Loan closing. The Lender also must provide copies of the HUD or Settlement Statement and the Loan Amortization Schedule;
Copies of all disciplinary notices shall be sent to the Union at the time of issuance and placed in the Employee’s personnel file. All notices and warnings shall not be used for progressive discipline purposes one (1) year from the date of issue, unless the Employee has received another notice, warning, or discipline of another offense within the one (1) year period.
Copies of all. 19.11.1 current Environmental and Health and Safety Permits;