Local public agency definition

Local public agency means any unit of local government or
Local public agency means a city, county, urban-county, consolidated local government, school district, special district, or an agency formed by a combination of such agencies under KRS Chapter 79, or any department, board, commission, authority, office, or other sub-unit of a political subdivision which shall include the offices of the county clerk, county sheriff, county attorney, coroner, and jailer.
Local public agency means the official body of a municipality authorized to plan and implement the development and redevelopment of the municipality.

Examples of Local public agency in a sentence

  • Local public agency case managers (Department of Social Services, Court Services Units, Community Services Boards and schools) administer the CANS for these children and youth.

  • Local public agency loans shall not have required payments exceeding 0.5% per year of the original principal loan amount.

  • Local public agency members' final compensation period is three years unless the agency contracts with CalPERS for a one-year period.

  • The Board, all bidders, and all contractors must comply with all provisions of that code, including, but not limited to the following: 45A.343 Local public agency may adopt provisions of KRS 45A.345 to 45A.460 -- Effect of adoption -- Contracts required to mandate revealing of violations of and compliance with specified KRS chapters -- Effect of nondisclosure or noncompliance.

  • Examples of funds that count as leveraged funds include borrower resources beyond the minimum required amount, equity generated by the sale of low-income housing tax credits (LIHTCs), a second loan from another lender, or a grant from a State or Local public agency or other source.

More Definitions of Local public agency

Local public agency means any local public agency which transmits or supplies recycled water to others.
Local public agency means a city, county, city and county, and joint powers authority that provides a public safety answering point (PSAP).
Local public agency means a city, county, district, or joint powers agency.
Local public agency means a school district, community college district, or unit of local government other than a home rule unit.
Local public agency means a city, county, special district, or joint powers authority.
Local public agency means the Department of Neighborhood Services of the City of Milwaukee (also called Building Inspector), which is authorized to undertake this Contract.
Local public agency means any unit of local government or special purpose district located in whole or in part within this State that provides or has authority to provide firefighting, police, ambulance, medical, or other emergency services.