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The Place of Work. The parties agree that the Employee shall perform their duties at / Examination Centre Name Address of Examination Centre
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The Place of Work. 6.1 The usual place of work for the provision of services under this Agreement is (Health facility name and address), Republic of Maldives.
The Place of Work. The parties agree that the Employee shall perform their duties at 0000 X Xxxxx Xxx, Xxxxx Xxxxxxx or wherever there may be operations of the company.
The Place of Work. The Employee will normally work at the Company’s offices, presently in Zürich, Canton of Zürich. According to the operational needs of the Company, the Employee may be required from time to time to work at other locations for temporary periods as the Company may require. The Company shall give reasonable notice of such temporary changes of place of work if possible. Due to the level of the Employee’s position, it may be expected that the Employee may have to travel within Switzerland as well as to other countries.
The Place of Work. All teachings shall take place in the school campus situated at soboum and bilongue quarters

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  • PLACE OF WORK Your normal place of work is at the School, or at any premises used from time to time by the School, unless Your duties take You elsewhere. The Governing Body reserves the right to require You to work at such other place or places as it may reasonably require from time to time subject to the provision of reasonable notice. You will not usually be required to work outside of the United Kingdom.

  • Place of Services The Services provided by Consultant or Consultant's Personnel hereunder will be performed at Consultant's offices except as otherwise mutually agreed by Consultant and the Company.

  • Time and Place of the Closing If the conditions referred to in Article 9 and Article 10 have been satisfied or waived in writing, and subject to any extensions provided for herein, the consummation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement (the “Closing”) shall take place at the offices of Akin, Gump, Strauss, Xxxxx & Xxxx, L.L.P., whose address is 0000 Xxxxxxxxx, 00xx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxx, XX 00000, at 10:00 a.m. Houston, Texas time on October 1, 2013, or such other date that is mutually agreed by the Parties or to which the Closing is postponed pursuant to this Agreement (the “Closing Date”).

  • Time and Place of Closing The closing of the transactions contemplated hereby (the "Closing") will take place at 9:00 A.M. on the date that the Effective Time occurs (or the immediately preceding day if the Effective Time is earlier than 9:00 A.M.), or at such other time as the Parties, acting through their authorized officers, may mutually agree. The Closing shall be held at such location as may be mutually agreed upon by the Parties.

  • Suspension of Work The Department may, at its sole discretion, suspend any or all activities under the Contract, at any time, when it is in the best interest of the State of Florida to do so. The Customer may suspend a resulting contract or purchase order, at any time, when in the best interest of the Customer to do so. The Department or Customer will provide the Contractor written notice outlining the particulars of the suspension. After receiving a suspension notice, the Contractor must comply with the notice and will cease the performance of the Contract or purchase order. Suspension of work will not entitle the Contractor to any additional compensation. The Contractor will not resume performance of the Contract or purchase order until so authorized by the Department.

  • Notices, time and place of delivery a) The Sellers shall keep the Buyers well informed of the Vessel’s itinerary and shall provide the Buyers with 30, 21 and 14 days approximate notice of the intended port and delivery date of and 7 and 3 days definite notice of the delivery of the Vessel and her delivery port. When the Vessel is at the place of delivery and in every respect physically ready for delivery in accordance with this Agreement, the Sellers shall give the Buyers a written Notice of Readiness for delivery.

  • Place of Delivery Every notice or other communication relating to this Agreement shall be in writing, and shall be mailed to or delivered to the party for whom or which it is intended at such address as may from time to time be designated by it in a notice mailed or delivered to the other party as herein provided; provided, that unless and until some other address be so designated, all notices and communications by Employee to the Company shall be mailed or delivered to the Company at its principal executive office, and all notices and communications by the Company to Employee may be given to Employee personally or may be mailed to Employee at Employee’s last known address, as reflected in the Company’s records.

  • Date and Place of Closing The closing (the “Closing”) hereunder with respect to the issuance and sale of the shares of Common Stock and the consummation of the related transactions contemplated hereby shall, subject to the satisfaction or waiver of the applicable conditions set forth in Article VII, take place at the offices of Xxxxxx & Xxxxxxxxx, P.C., 0 Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxx 0000, Xxxxxxx, Xxxxx 00000 at the same time and on the same date (the “Closing Date”) as the closing of the sale of the Debenture.

  • Place of Closing The Closing shall take place at Seller's offices located at 0000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxx, or such other place as the Parties may agree in writing.

  • Place of Arbitration Any arbitration under this Part shall, at the request of any party to the dispute, be held in a state that is party of the New York Convention. Claims submitted to arbitration under this Part shall be considered to arise out of a commercial relationship or transaction for purpose of Article 1 of the New York Convention.

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