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A contribution. Since their insurance begins September 1, the District will contribute only the prorated share of the contribution totaling $700 ($2100*4 months/12 months for full family and employee plus one) or $350 ($1050 *4 months /12 months for single). If a current member has a life changing event that opens up enrollment, the same would apply as the contribution would be prorated based on the amount of calendar months left. In addition, if a member separates service from the District and the District has prepaid the deductible, it is understood that the member owes the District back the prorated share of the prepaid deductible based on months of service during the calendar year. This is deducted from the last check to the member. R: 13,15 Note: Public Act 93 of 1997 prohibits districts and ISDs from using public funds to purchase insurance coverage of abortion services, except for spontaneous abortions to prevent the death of the woman. Effective November 1, 2000, coverage for abortion services will be paid from the employee's share of the premium. No district funds will be used to pay for abortion coverage through our health care provider. N: 03,04 All LEA members, regardless if they choose Pak A or Pak B and who are employed at least 50% will be provided $15,000 of group term life insurance. N: 04
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  • Employer Contribution (a) An Employer contribution for health and dental benefits will only be made for each active employee who has at least eighty (80) paid regular hours in a month and who is eligible for medical insurance coverage, unless otherwise required by law.

  • Retirement Contribution The State shall, as permitted by 5 M.R.S.A. §17702 §§s5 and 6, pay the cost of the 6.5% or 7.5% retirement contribution for employees in the following classifications. Corrections Firearms Instructor Oil & Hazardous Material Responder I Oil & Hazardous Material Responder II

  • The Contribution 4.1 The Minister will make a non-repayable Contribution to the Recipient in respect of the Project in an amount not exceeding the lesser of (a) and (b) as follows:

  • Matching Contributions The Employer will make matching contributions in accordance with the formula(s) elected in Part II of this Adoption Agreement Section 3.01.

  • Catch-Up Contributions In the case of a Traditional IRA Owner who is age 50 or older by the close of the taxable year, the annual cash contribution limit is increased by $1,000 for any taxable year beginning in 2006 and years thereafter.

  • Contributions Without creating any rights in favor of any third party, the Member may, from time to time, make contributions of cash or property to the capital of the Company, but shall have no obligation to do so.

  • Retirement Contributions On behalf of employees, the State will continue to “pick up” the six percent (6%) employee contribution, payable pursuant to law. The parties acknowledge that various challenges have been filed that contest the lawfulness, including the constitutionality, of various aspects of PERS reform legislation enacted by the 2003 Legislative Assembly, including Chapters 67 (HB 2003) and 68 (HB 2004) of Oregon Laws 2003 (“PERS Litigation”). Nothing in this Agreement shall constitute a waiver of any party’s rights, claims or defenses with respect to the PERS Litigation.

  • No Contribution Each Designated Shareholder waives, and acknowledges and agrees that he shall not have and shall not exercise or assert (or attempt to exercise or assert), any right of contribution, right of indemnity or other right or remedy against the Surviving Corporation in connection with any indemnification obligation or any other liability to which he may become subject under or in connection with this Agreement or the Designated Shareholders' Closing Certificate.

  • Pension Contributions Unless required by law to commence receiving a pension prior to the Member’s actual retirement date (i.e., currently December 31 of the year in which the Member attains age sixty-nine (69)) the Member who postponed retirement beyond his or her TRD will continue to make pension contributions.

  • Employer Contributions 8.1 Rates at which the Employer shall contribute for each hour of work performed on behalf of each employee employed under the terms of this Agreement are contained in the Appendices attached to and forming part of this Agreement.

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