The Report Sample Clauses

The Report a. Every evaluation of an employee's performance shall be in writing.
The Report. (a) The Report shall be a component of the Service.
The Report. 4.1 On the 8 October 2013, the Council resolved to roll forward the Adopted Caerphilly County Borough Local Development Plan (LDP) to cover the plan period up to 2031.
The Report. 4.1. Increasing levels of recycling is fundamental to the Kent Joint Waste Management Strategy. This agreement serves as an incentive to maximise kerbside recycling. This directly reduces the waste disposal costs for KCC.
The Report to be prepared by MGI shall be considered the final and exclusive findings of MGI of the structure. Client understands and agrees that they will not rely on any oral statements made by the inspector prior to the issuance of the report. Client also understands and agrees that MGI reserves the right to modify and amend the inspection report for a period of time not to exceed 48 hours after the inspection report was delivered to the Client.
The Report. The preliminary investigation should be completed within 6 weeks and a report prepared. The contents of the report: a signed and dated record of interview or written statement by the teacher; signed and dated records of interview or written statements by the complainant and the witnesses; the witnesses availability to give evidence; whether information may be available from another source; copies of any relevant documents; a summary of the information collected by the investigator; the facts still in dispute; the recommendation. The Institute acknowledges and accepts that a teacher may decline to be interviewed and no adverse inference will be drawn.
The Report. 4.1 When approved by WAG, the DA will become the first stage of the development plan preparation process. It comprises two parts; firstly, the timetable, outlining the major dates in the plan preparation process; and secondly, the Community Involvement Scheme (CIS), which explains how the Council will involve developers, the public and interested groups in this process.
The Report. In order to perform the calculations required for the adjustment called for in Section 2.5, within 30 days after the Closing Date, the Buyer shall prepare and deliver to the Seller, or cause to be prepared and delivered to the Seller, a report setting forth the sum of the items described in Section 2.5(a) and (b) as of the Closing Date (the "Report"). The Report shall be prepared in conformity with the accounting practices and procedures used to prepare the 1997 Financial Statements and the Interim Financial Statements (as defined in Section 5.3 hereof) and on the basis used in calculating the Cash and Net Plant Adjustment pursuant to Section 2.5, and shall be certified by the Chief Financial Officer of the Buyer. The Buyer shall give the Seller and its employees and agents such assistance and access to the assets, books and records of ATU during normal business hours as the Seller shall reasonably request to enable the Seller to review and observe preparation of the Report. The Seller and its employees and agents shall have the opportunity to observe the taking of the inventory of ATU, and to examine the work papers, schedules and other documents prepared by the Buyer, in connection with the preparation of the Report. The Report shall be final and binding on the Buyer and the Seller unless within 15 days after receiving such Report the Seller delivers to the Buyer a written notice in reasonable detail of any objections to such Report. If such a notice is delivered, and the Buyer and the Seller shall negotiate in good faith with each other to resolve the objections, and if they are able to resolve the objections, the Report shall be deemed final and binding on the Buyer and the Seller upon such resolution. If the Buyer and the Seller are unable to reach agreement within 30 days after such notice is delivered, the dispute shall be resolved by a firm of independent accountants of nationally recognized standing selected mutually by the Buyer and the Seller. The Buyer and the Seller shall instruct such firm to resolve the dispute within 30 days, and shall bear the fees and costs of such firm equally. The resolution of the dispute by the firm of accountants shall be final and binding on the Buyer and the Seller.
The Report. For each year of the Survey, the Contractor will provide the Authority three (3) hard copies of a report, and electronic versions in both Word and pdf format, including:
The Report. 4.1 It is proposed that KCC continues to supply services to the Kent Police Area Driver Diversion Partnership (KPADDP) for a further five years