Expenses and Costs Sample Clauses

Expenses and Costs. Each Borrower, jointly and severally, agrees to pay and to save the Agent and the Lenders harmless for the payment of all fees, out-of-pocket disbursements, and other costs and expenses incurred by or on behalf of the Agent or any Lender arising in any way in connection with this Amendment, or any other document relating to indebtedness described in the recitals to this Amendment, including the fees and expenses of Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx PLLC, counsel to the Agent, and AlixPartners, LLC, consultant to the Agent, and specifically including, without limitation, (a) the cost of any financial audit or inquiry conducted by the Agent, any Lender or their consultants, (b) the fees and expenses of counsel for the Agent or any Lender for the work performed as a result of the Borrowers' defaults or financial problems, and for the preparation, examination and approval of this Amendment or any documents in connection with this Amendment, (c) for the payment of all fees and out-of-pocket disbursements incurred by the Agent or any Lender, including attorneys' fees, in any way arising from or in connection with any action taken by the Agent or any Lender to monitor, advise, enforce or collect the obligations described in the recitals hereto or to enforce any obligations of the Borrowers or any Guarantor under this Amendment or the other documents referred to herein, including any actions to lift the automatic stay or to otherwise in any way participate in any bankruptcy, reorganization or insolvency proceeding of any Borrower or Guarantor or in any trial or appellate proceedings, and (d) any expenses or fees (including attorneys' fees) incurred in relation to or in defense of any litigation instituted by any Borrower, any Guarantor or any third party against the Agent or any Lender arising from or relating to the obligations described in the recitals hereto or this Amendment, including any so-called "lender liability" action. All of these expenses and fees (including attorneys' fees) shall be part of the Obligations owing under the Credit Agreement, and shall be secured by all of the collateral described in the Collateral Documents. In the event the Borrowers fail to pay any such fees, expenses and costs within five (5) days of being invoiced therefor, the Agent or the Lenders, as the case may be, shall be permitted to charge the accounts of any Borrower for such fees, expenses and costs, without prejudice to any other rights or remedies of the Agent or the Lenders. The rights...
Expenses and Costs. (a) Borrower shall pay all costs and expenses incurred by the Bank in connection with the making, disbursement and administration of the Loan, and in the exercise of any of the Bank's rights or remedies under the Loan Documents. Such costs and expenses include legal fees and expenses of the Bank's counsel and any other reasonable fees and costs for services, regardless of whether such services are furnished by the Bank's employees or by independent contractors. The Borrower acknowledges that the other fees payable to the Bank do not include amounts payable by the Borrower under this Section 2.2.
Expenses and Costs. 5.1 Any actual cost related to the setting of the Equity Pledge hereunder, including (but without limitation to) stamp duty, any other tax and all legal fees, shall be borne by the Pledgee.
Expenses and Costs. 3.1 Company shall pay all costs and expenses incurred by CONSULTANT, its directors, officers, employees, and agents, in carrying out its duties and obligations pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement, excluding CONSULTANT's general and administrative expenses and costs, but including and not limited to the following costs and expenses:
Expenses and Costs. Except as otherwise approved by Acquisition in writing or specifically provided in other sections of this Agreement, all taxes, insurance, postage, travel and shipping costs as well as travel and per diem costs incurred by Binary in conjunction with this Agreement shall be paid by Acquisition. Binary Spectrum may also develop additional modules and perform product management skills at additional development fees in time and material management basis at a rate of forty dollars ($40) per hour. An additional fee of Two Hundred Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($200,000) shall be paid by Acquisition for Support and Maintenance. Acquisition will also pay all applicable Value added or Sales taxes or similar charges relating to the software and services as provided under this Agreement. All services related payments are due immediately upon receipt by Acquisition of an invoice from Binary. Payment of all applicable fees is a pre-requisite to the renewal of the Term of this Agreement. All payments under this Agreement shall be made in U.S. dollars. All sums due and payable under this Agreement that remain unpaid after thirty (30) days from the date on which Acquisition receives the corresponding invoice from Binary will accrue interest at a rate of one and a half percent (1.5%) per month or the maximum amount allowed by law, whichever is less.
Expenses and Costs. Each Party shall pay their own expenses in connection with the negotiation of this Agreement. All fees and expenses incurred in connection with the resolution of Disputes shall be allocated as further provided in Section 25.15 below.
Expenses and Costs. The Parties agree to pay all their own costs and expenses in connection with this Agreement.