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Within Canada. When travelling within Canada in accordance with this Agreement, the maximum Eligible Costs for meals and incidentals are per diem: Breakfast Only Lunch Only Dinner Only Incidentals $8.00 $9.00 $18.00 $14.00 The incidental amount covers out-of-pocket travel expenses such as taxi gratuities, laundry, dry cleaning and personal expenses (and is in addition to meal allowances). Except as set forth in Section 4.7.4 (Part Day Travel Status) below, FII will share the Incidentals allowance only when the individual is on travel status for an entire day. The Recipient must document the hours of travel that underlie a claim for meal or incidental per diem amounts, but no meal receipts are required. Where travel is for a partial day or an individual is off travel status over a meal period(s), or is provided a meal at no charge (while on travel status), the Recipient must reduce the meal amount (as outlined above) appropriately from the daily amount claimed. The Recipient must not claim a meal allowance if the cost of the relevant meal is claimed as part of a business meeting expense.
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Within Canada. In British Columbia, if the Government rate for hotel accommodation is the best available, the Recipient may apply to FII for a letter of authorization to provide to the hotel in support of the Government rate being applied. Hotels offering pre-approved government rates in British Columbia can be found at the following website. xxxx://xxx.xxx.xxx.xx.xx/businesstravel/ In the rest of Canada, the following website can assist in locating hotels offering Government rates for accommodation. xxxx://xxxxxx-xxxx.xxxxx-xxxxx.xx.xx/ACRDS/index-eng.aspx In any event, FII will share the cost of accommodation up to $200.00 CDN average per night before taxes and fees. FII will share costs greater than that amount only if FII has pre-approved the higher cost in writing.
Within Canada. 8.03 It is understood by the parties that every provision, paragraph and sub-paragraph and this Article 8 and every part thereof is hereby declared to be separate and distinct and is intended to be severable. If any provision, paragraph or sub-paragraph of this Article 8 or any part thereof is determined to be void or unenforceable in whole or in part by any court of competent jurisdiction, it shall not be deemed to affect or impair the validity or any other provision, paragraph or sub-paragraph of this Article 8 or any other part this Agreement herein.
Within Canada. For tours within Canada, the will notify Equity at least thirty (30) days in advance of the proposed itinerary including the method of transportation, performance venues, repertoire, and the Artists involved. Outside Canada For tours outside Canada, arrangements must be negotiated between Equity and the at least thirty (30) days in advance, in writing. These arrangements shall include, but not be limited to, the full terms and conditions of the Agreement except as specifically modified. The arrangements shall be confirmed in a rider to each engagement contract for the tour. Transportation Methods The Artist shall travel by such routes as the may direct. Travel time is deemed to be consecutive and all waiting periods between alighting from one vehicle and boarding another vehicle shall be part of travel time. The DURATION OF THE AGREEMENT Ratification and Expiration of Agreement The Agreement shall take effect upon ratification, and expire at on Notice to Bargain Either party may, in the three (3) months immediately preceding the expiry date, issue a notice to the other party to begin bargaining in order to renew or revise it, or to enter into a new scale agreement. APPENDIX A -SIDE LETTER ON MEMBERSHIP October Music Department Xxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxx Xxxxxxx X Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxx XXX Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Managing Director Dear Xxxxxxxxxxx: Re: Membership Side Letter This letter serves to confirm our discussion during the recent negotiations about how Equity internally addresses concerns regarding membership issues with our prospective candidates. Equity believes that discussion on membership concerns lies solely between the Association and the individual artist. Despite the requirement that a Canadian professional artist must join Equity as a function of the membership provisions negotiated in the National Arts Centre Music Department Agreement, Equity remains willing and open to discuss the individual circumstances of any prospective member in this position. We support the concept that joining Equity should be in the best interest of a new member, and Equity is committed to addressing specific concerns about that responsibility with any Artist joining Equity on a National Arts Centre Music Department Agreement engagement contract. Specifically, we commit to discussing in good faith the possibility of an artist becoming a Probationary Member of the Association with any artist who believes membership in Equity would not be beneficial because their career lies m...
Within Canada. In Canada, in order to facilitate the mobility of architects within the country, the professional orders (regulatory bodies) have agreed on harmonized admission standards with respect to training, internships and examinations. Thus, throughout Canada, to become an architect, the duration of university study is five years in Québec and four years in other provinces or territories (due to a different school system), with a professional training period of 3720 hours, that is, approximately two years full time. Hence, before being authorized to practise, architects trained in Canada must have accumulated six or seven years in the field of architecture (study + practical training/internship). In addition, all candidates for the profession who graduated in Canada must take the same examination (ExAC), which is aimed at ensuring that the candidates have the minimum skills required for practising the profession. 20 See paragraphs 1 and 3 of Article 21 of Directive 2005/36/EC (consolidated version). 21 Excerpts from Article 46 of Directive 2005/36/EC (consolidated version). 22 See paragraphs 1 and 3 of Article 21 of Directive 2005/36/EC (consolidated version). In addition, the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)23, which was concluded between Canadian provinces and succeeded the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT), completes the structure by laying down the principle of recognition of the “licence over licence” type between the provinces and territories, except in cases with substantial differences. However, in the field of architecture, the relevant authorities did not note any substantial differences between the provinces and territories. Although the practice context presented some differences, they were not deemed substantial with regard to public protection. In short, if some conditions may vary from one province or territory to another, the conditions for accessing the architectural profession have been harmonized within Canada.
Within Canada. If you or one of your dependents are hospitalized in Canada, the insurer will reimburse that part of hospital expenses which exceeds the amount reimbursed by government plans, up to the daily maximum specified in the Summary of Benefits, and without any limit as to the number of days of COVERED MEDICAL EXPENSES Covered expenses incurred in Canada or incurred due to an emergency during a stay, not exceeding six consecutive months, in a foreign country. Expenses for services, care, treatment and material prescribed by a physician such as: Services rendered at the insured person's home by a registered nurse who is unrelated to the insured person and who does not ordinarily reside in the latter's home, up to the maximum covered amount per calendar year specified in the Summary of Benefits; Paramedical care given by a speech therapist and physiotherapist, up to the maximum covered amount per calendar year specified in the Summary of Benefits, per specialist; Operating room, anaesthesia; Licensed ambulance service for transportation to the nearest hospital equipped to provide the required treatment, or therefrom, when the physical condition of the insured person precludes the use of any other means of transportation; Oxygen and rental of equipment necessary for its administration, diagnostic laboratory and X-ray examinations, casts and dressings; Drugs or medicine required for therapy and which can only be obtained on the written prescription of a physician and dispensed by a pharmacist; Rental or the initial purchase, as previously approved by the insurer, of a wheelchair, crutches, hospital bed or iron lung; Room and board in a public chronic care hospital or chronic wing facility of a public hospital, designated for such treatment by an appropriate government body, while under the supervision of a physician or registered nurse, up to a semi-private room, maximum three dollars per day and one hundred and twenty days per calendar year and which follows a period of by leas than fourteen days; Initial purchase, but not the replacement, of prostheses and ortheses, other than capillary, oral or dental, such as artificial limb or eye, braces, corsets, hernial supports or other orthopaedic devices, which are obtained in a establishment or laboratory and which are required as a result of bodily injury which occurred or disease which commenced while the person was insured under this provision and provided the purchase was made while this provision was in force; Correct...

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  • Change of Name, Identity or Structure Borrower shall not change Borrower's name, identity (including its trade name or names) or, if not an individual, Borrower's corporate, partnership or other structure without notifying Lender of such change in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of such change and, in the case of a change in Borrower's structure, without first obtaining the prior written consent of Lender. Borrower shall execute and deliver to Lender, prior to or contemporaneously with the effective date of any such change, any financing statement or financing statement change required by Lender to establish or maintain the validity, perfection and priority of the security interest granted herein. At the request of Lender, Borrower shall execute a certificate in form satisfactory to Lender listing the trade names under which Borrower intends to operate the Property, and representing and warranting that Borrower does business under no other trade name with respect to the Property.

  • Official Acts by Successor Corporation Any act or proceeding by any provision of this Indenture authorized or required to be done or performed by any board, committee or Officer of the Company shall and may be done and performed with like force and effect by the like board, committee or officer of any corporation or other entity that shall at the time be the lawful sole successor of the Company.

  • Failure to Appoint Successor Custodian If a successor custodian is not designated by the Trust on or before the date of termination of this Agreement, then the Custodian shall have the right to deliver to a bank or trust company of its own selection, which bank or trust company (i) is a “bank” as defined in the 1940 Act, and (ii) has aggregate capital, surplus and undivided profits as shown on its most recent published report of not less than $25 million, all Securities, cash and other property held by Custodian under this Agreement and to transfer to an account of or for the Fund at such bank or trust company all Securities of the Fund held in a Book-Entry System or Securities Depository. Upon such delivery and transfer, such bank or trust company shall be the successor custodian under this Agreement and the Custodian shall be relieved of all obligations under this Agreement. In addition, under these circumstances, all books, records and other data of the Trust shall be returned to the Trust.

  • Company Organization Each of Acquiror and Merger Sub has been duly incorporated, organized or formed and is validly existing as a corporation or exempted company in good standing (or equivalent status, to the extent that such concept exists) under the Laws of its jurisdiction of incorporation, organization or formation, and has the requisite company power and authority to own, lease or operate all of its properties and assets and to conduct its business as it is now being conducted. The copies of Acquiror’s Governing Documents and the Governing Documents of Merger Sub, in each case, as amended to the date of this Agreement, previously delivered by Acquiror to the Company, are true, correct and complete. Merger Sub has no assets or operations other than those required to effect the transactions contemplated hereby. All of the equity interests of Merger Sub are held directly by Acquiror. Each of Acquiror and Merger Sub is duly licensed or qualified and in good standing as a foreign corporation or company in all jurisdictions in which its ownership of property or the character of its activities is such as to require it to be so licensed or qualified, except where failure to be so licensed or qualified would not reasonably be expected to be, individually or in the aggregate, material to Acquiror.

  • ¨ Check if Transfer is Pursuant to Other Exemption (i) The Transfer is being effected pursuant to and in compliance with an exemption from the registration requirements of the Securities Act other than Rule 144, Rule 903 or Rule 904 and in compliance with the transfer restrictions contained in the Indenture and any applicable blue sky securities laws of any State of the United States and (ii) the restrictions on transfer contained in the Indenture and the Private Placement Legend are not required in order to maintain compliance with the Securities Act. Upon consummation of the proposed Transfer in accordance with the terms of the Indenture, the transferred beneficial interest or Definitive Note will not be subject to the restrictions on transfer enumerated in the Private Placement Legend printed on the Restricted Global Notes or Restricted Definitive Notes and in the Indenture. This certificate and the statements contained herein are made for your benefit and the benefit of the Company. [Insert Name of Transferor] By: Name: Title: Dated: ANNEX A TO CERTIFICATE OF TRANSFER

  • Change of Name or Location Merchant will not conduct Merchant’s businesses under any name other than as disclosed to the Processor and FUNDER, nor shall Merchant change any of its places of business without prior written consent by FUNDER.

  • Opinion of General Counsel of the Company The General Counsel of the Company, shall have furnished to the Representatives, at the request of the Company, a written opinion, dated the Closing Date and addressed to the Underwriters, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Representatives and substantially in the form previously agreed by the parties hereto.

  • Chief Executive Office; Change of Name; Jurisdiction of Organization (a) The exact legal name, type of organization, jurisdiction of organization, federal taxpayer identification number, organizational identification number and chief executive office of such Grantor is indicated next to its name in Sections I.A. and I.B. of the Perfection Certificate. Such Grantor shall furnish to the Collateral Agent prompt written notice of any change in (i) its corporate name, (ii) the location of its chief executive office, its principal place of business, any office in which it maintains books or records relating to Collateral owned by it or any office or facility at which Collateral owned by it is located (including the establishment of any such new office or facility), (iii) its identity or type of organization or corporate structure, (iv) its federal taxpayer identification number or organizational identification number or (v) its jurisdiction of organization (in each case, including, without limitation, by merging with or into any other entity, reorganizing, dissolving, liquidating, reincorporating or incorporating in any other jurisdiction). Such Grantor agrees (A) not to effect or permit any such change unless all filings have been made under the UCC or otherwise that are required in order for the Collateral Agent to continue at all times following such change to have a valid, legal and perfected first priority security interest in all the Collateral (subject to, with respect to priority, Permitted Encumbrances having priority by operation of law) and (B) to take all action reasonably satisfactory to the Collateral Agent to maintain the perfection and priority of the security interest of the Collateral Agent for the benefit of the Credit Parties in the Collateral intended to be granted hereunder. Each Grantor agrees to promptly provide the Collateral Agent with certified Organization Documents reflecting any of the changes described in the preceding sentence.

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