Care and Services Sample Clauses

Care and Services. The care and services provided under this Agreement consist of the following responsibilities: (Check all that apply) ☐ Feed the pet(s) and change water bowls ☐ Walk and exercise the pet(s) ☐ Play with the pet(s) ☐ Clean up and dispose of any pet waste ☐ Brush and wash pet(s) ☐ Wash and tidy up bowls ☐ Administer medication ☐ Other: ________________________________________________________________________ The care and services will be provided at ________________________________________ [Address].
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Care and Services. The care and services provided under this Agreement consists of the following responsibilities:
Care and Services. 4. Service Operator should provide dedicated training, nursing care, personal care and rehabilitative activities to address the individual health conditions and corresponding care needs of the frail and demented elders as well as support services to carers such as family activities, support groups, training to cares, etc. as stipulated in the Service Specification on “In-situ Expansion of Day Care Centres for the Elderly to meet the Special Needs of Demented Elders”.
Care and Services. Care and services The following table specifies the care services that an approved provider of a home care service may provide. Care services Item Service Content 1 Personal services Personal assistance, including individual attention, individual supervision and physical assistance, with:
Care and Services. (a) You agree to abide by the terms of this Agreement.
Care and Services. The Operator agrees to furnish such care and services as are described in the care plan and are in accordance with the standards and rules specified in the state law and county ordinance, including but not limited to personal care services, including, but limited to, Housekeeping, laundry, personal care assistance, activities, medication management, other (as described on next page) _ _ _ Such care shall be provided on a 24 hour basis and shall include the observation, monitoring, and evaluation of the resident’s condition and daily activities, the appropriate maintenance and supervision of resident's condition, the prevention of abuse, exploitation, injury, or neglect of the resident by self or others, and the safeguarding of the resident’s personal property and funds. The Operator will notify your representative and other designated persons as listed on the resident information form of the following events: ● Accident, injury, or sickness requiring medical attention or any change in condition or other incident involving the Resident. ● Resident’s unexplained absence from the home or resident’s failure to return to the home after a scheduled outing. ● Resident’s expressed desire or intent to remove him/herself from the home. The Operator will not: ● Leave the resident unsupervised; ● Permit the resident to self-medicate, unless there is a written physician authorization, or; ● Use restraints unless there is a signed order from the resident’s physician or other care practitioner and the resident or the resident representative has provided written consent for the use of restraints. Meals. The meal schedule is: Breakfast: Lunch: Dinner: The Operator will support your right to access food at any time. The home’s morning meal time shall be no more than 14 hours following the evening meal time. In addition, nutritious snacks will be offered twice daily. These meals do not have to be consumed in the home. You are encouraged to participate in meal planning to assist the Operator and staff in supporting your preferences.
Care and Services a) to receive reliable, coordinated, safe, quality care & services appropriate to my assessed needs
Care and Services a) to abide by the terms of the written agreement
Care and Services. The services of a physician, a surgeon, an anaesthetist or a nurse practitioner. medical care and services prescribed by a physician
Care and Services. The care and services provided under this Agreement consists of the following: Dog Walking Drop In Visits Miscellaneous Fees 30min: $25 20min: $17 Multiple Dogs: $5 per dog 45min: $37 30min: $25 Injections: $5 1 hour: $50 Pick Ups: Will Negotiate with Client The care and services will be provided at Pet Owner Home located at Pet Owner will provide for spare key if needed Pet Information Name: Age: Gender: Species/Breed: Description (e.g. color): Health Conditions: Behavior History: Medication(s) (Name and Dosage): Feeding Instructions: Miscellaneous Instructions