CONDITION OF THE. Premises Tenant agrees to: (1) keep the premises clean and sanitary and in good repair and, upon termination of the tenancy, to return the premises to Landlord in a condition identical to that which existed when Tenant took occupancy, except for ordinary wear and tear; (2) immediately notify Landlord of any defects or dangerous conditions in and about the premises of which they become aware; and (3) reimburse Landlord, on demand by Landlord, for the cost of any repairs to the premises damaged by Tenant or their guests through misuse or neglect. Tenant and Landlord will complete a Tenant/Landlord Checklist during a walk-through inspection prior to move in documenting the condition of premises immediately prior to Tenant taking possession. This document will again be completed at end of tenancy to determine if there are any condition changes or damage. It is Tenant’s responsibility to ensure notation of any damage on this checklist prior to Tenant taking possession of premises.
CONDITION OF THE. Vessel The Vessel will following its acquisition by the Borrower be and remain in the condition required by the Mortgage including (without limitation) being classed with the highest class applicable to vessels of her type with a classification society (being a member of the International Association of Classification Societies) approved by the Agent, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld, free of overdue recommendations and conditions unless otherwise agreed to by the Agent.
CONDITION OF THE. PREMISES Tenant accepts the leased Premises in the condition they are in at the time of its taking possession of said Premises. Tenant agrees, if, during the term of this Lease, Tenant shall change the usual method of conducting Tenant's business on the leased Premises, or should Tenant install thereon or therein any new facilities, or should new laws and regulations be imposed concerning Tenant's authorized use, Tenant will, at the sole cost and expense of Tenant, make alterations or improvements in or to the demised Premises which may be required by reason of any Federal of State law, or by any municipal ordinance, or regulation applicable thereto.
CONDITION OF THE. University property will be determined upon final inspection of the space by UHDS staff.
CONDITION OF THE. PREMISES ON MOVING IN AND MOVING OUT. Resident accepts the Premises, fixtures, and any furnishings as is, except for conditions materially affecting health or safety of ordinary persons. Manager makes no implied warranties. A Condition & Inventory Check sheet form will be provided to Resident upon move in. Within 72 hours after move in, Resident shall note any defects or damages on the form and return it to the Manager; otherwise, everything will be deemed to be in clean and good condition. Resident shall use reasonable diligence in care of the premises. Resident may not make any alterations to Manager's property without Manager's prior written consent. No holes or stickers shall be put anywhere inside or outside the Premises, except a reasonable number of small nail holes for picture hanging will be permitted in sheetrock walls and in grooves of wood-paneled walls. Alternative picture hanging methods (in lieu of small nails) may be required by Manager's rules and regulations. No painting, wallpapering, or permanent decorating is permitted, including the hanging of additional drapes or blinds or hanging shelves, etc. When hanging pictures, only picture hanging hooks, pins, thumbtacks, and small brads are permitted. Do not use adhesive-type anchors, or large nails or screws. Do not place hangers of any type into trim, doors, cabinets or ceilings. No antenna or satellite receiver installation, additional phone or cable TV outlets, or lock changes (including to keying or additions of locks) will be permitted except by Manager's prior written consent. Resident shall not remove Manager's fixtures or furniture from the Premises for any purpose. When Resident moves in, Manager shall furnish light bulbs of prescribed wattage for the premise’s fixtures and any lamps furnished by Manager, thereafter, light bulbs will be replaced at Resident's expense. It is your responsibility to leave working bulbs of the same type when vacating. When moving out, Resident agrees to surrender the Premises in good, clean condition, as determined by Manager. Resident must vacate property by 10:00am on the day their lease ends, and turn in all keys and parking passes to manager, or in the Rent Drop Box located at the leasing office.
CONDITION OF THE. Digital Asset pre-sale The Seller will ensure that between the date of this Agreement and Closing, the Seller:
CONDITION OF THE. SUBLET PREMISES -------------------------------- Tenant shall take the Sublet Premises "as-is", in the condition in which the Sublet Premises are in as of the Commencement Date, without any obligation on the part of Landlord to prepare or construct the Sublet Premises for Tenant's occupancy, Tenant hereby acknowledging that Landlord has made no representation or warranty to Tenant as to the condition of the Sublet Premises.
CONDITION OF THE. APARTMENT When You signed this Lease, You did not rely on anything said by Owner, Owner/s representatives or the Condominium's employees, agents, or superintendent about the physical condition of the Apartment, the Condominium or the land on which is built.
CONDITION OF THE. PROPERTY Sublessee shall accept the property in its condition as of the execution of this Sublease, except: All electrical, plumbing and HVAC shall be delivered in good working order. Also, the Premises shall be delivered free of debris with no major damage, provided normal wear and tear. In addition, Sublessor shall provide SUBLESSEE with a $8 per usable square foot tenant improvement allowance to remodel said premises. All improvements are subject to Sublessor and LESSOR approval, which shall not be unreasonably withheld. Sublessor shall also allow Sublessee to use any available floor to ceiling modular walls for Suites A, B, & C; not less than eighty (80) linear feet and not more than one hundred sixty (160) linear feet.