The Definitions Sample Clauses

The Definitions. The following terms, as used herein, have the following meanings:
The Definitions. 1 SECTION 1.02. Accounting Terms and Determinations.............................................12 SECTION 1.03.
The Definitions. 1.1 The below terms and expressions shall have the meanings assigned to them unless the context requires otherwise:
The Definitions. 15.1 In this Agreement (including these General Terms):
The Definitions. Under this Contract, the terms below will have the following meanings: The „The Articles of incorporation” The „General Meeting of Shareholders” designate the Articles of Incorporation of the Company as they have been or can be amended at any time, as well as any annexes and additional acts thereto, registered with the Trade Registry; is the main deliberative and decisional body of the Company, as governed by the Articles of Incorporation and has the attributions provided by the Law no. 31/1990 on the Commercial Companies, GEO no. 109/2011 on the Corporate Governance of Public Enterprises and the Articles of Incorporation; The „Act of God” designates an event that cannot be predicted or prevented by the Party that is deterred from fulfilling all or part of its obligations under the Contract due to the occurrence of the event. The “Management Board” The „Performance Objectives and Criteria” represents the deliberative and decision-making body responsible for the effective management of the Company in accordance with the provisions of Law on the Commercial Companies, the Articles of Incorporation and the decisions issued by the Company’s General Meeting of Shareholders; designates the objectives and criteria set forth in Annex A of this Mandate Contract, which will measure and evaluate the performance of the Administrator in the implementation of the Management Plan;
The Definitions. APPOINTMENT
The Definitions a) BUSINESS DAY means any day when the Banks in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) are open for the operations provided for herein.
The Definitions. 1 Section 1.02. Accounting Terms and Determinations.............................................13 Section 1.03.
The Definitions. 1. Weekend Ceremony is defined as a ceremony that occurs on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and the fee for this ceremony is $255 not inclusive of any other services, fees, costs, or any additional expenses.