Schedule of Benefits Sample Clauses

Schedule of Benefits. (a) For employees under age 65
Schedule of Benefits. The School Corporation will, if the teacher is enrolled, contribute directly to the School Corporation’s insurance carrier(s) the following amount per year to the retired teacher’s premiums of the School Corporation’s group health insurance, the School Corporation’s vision, and/or the School Corporation’s dental plan until the teacher is eligible for Medicare:
Schedule of Benefits. (a) For employees under age 65:
Schedule of Benefits. A. Hospital Care
Schedule of Benefits. Benefits are subject to all provisions of the Group Medical Coverage Agreement, including, without limitation, the Accessing Care provisions and General Exclusions. Members must refer to Section II., the Allowances Schedule, for Cost Shares and specific benefit limits that apply to benefits listed in this Schedule of Benefits. Members are entitled to receive only benefits and services that are Medically Necessary and clinically appropriate for the treatment of a Medical Condition as determined by GHC's Medical Director, or his/her designee, and as described herein. All Covered Services are subject to case management and utilization review at the discretion of GHC.
Schedule of Benefits. A summary of the insurance benefits included in the Policyholder’s group insurance contract. The Schedule of Benefits specifies certain insurance terms and conditions, the insurance plans provided under this contract and the payable insurance and benefit amounts applicable to each class of eligible employees. A full description of the insurance plans and their exclusions, restrictions, terms and conditions are found in the following sections of this contract.
Schedule of Benefits. Upon payment of the fees and upon effectivity of the membership, the MEMBER shall be entitled to the following benefits:
Schedule of Benefits. In respect of Full Time Members of the armed forces police fire or prison services please see Endorsement A Age of Insured Person on the date of the accident Benefit 16 years and over Under 16 years 1 Death £50,000 £20,000 2 Loss of two or more Limbs or Loss of both Eyes or one of each or Loss of Hearing in both ears £100,000 £100,000
Schedule of Benefits. The Health System Policy Manual and the Graduate Medical Education website contain policies governing the operation of the Medical Center and your position as a Trainee. All GME Policies referenced below can be found on the GMEO website: xxxxx:// . Medical Center policies can be found on the Health System Intranet Knowledgelink. (Please note that these policies cannot be accessed by you until you have been assigned an Outlook ID during the credentialing process). The information provided below represents a brief summary of current policies and procedures, benefits, and responsibilities. Trainees are responsible for compliance with all (UVAHS, MC, GMEC and Departmental) policies, including those added or amended during the course of training. Updated UVAHS, MC and GMEC policies can always be found online. As a condition of your appointment, you agree to be familiar with the current versions of and abide by all applicable policies and procedures governing your training. All Trainees will be notified, in writing, of any changes in the following Trainee specific benefits as well as changes or additions in GMEC policies.
Schedule of Benefits. Loss of Life If your employee dies from injuries received in the accident within the following 26 weeks, we will pay: