TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE AGREEMENT. This agreement applies to Community College of Beaver County (CCBC) graduates with an earned Associate in Applied Science Degree in Networking who plan to enter Robert Morris University (RMU) in a major under the Bachelor of Science degree program majoring in Computer Information Systems. Up to 54 credits will be granted to students who have successfully completed an Associate Degree provided that: - Students have completed the curriculum as outlined in the CCBC 2017-2018 College catalog - Students have fulfilled grade requirements of the major into which they are transferring. Courses completed at other academic institutions do not affect the nature or scope of this agreement. Said courses will be evaluated according to the Academic Policies of RMU regarding transfer credits. RMU will provide an official evaluation of all previously completed coursework and placement of those credits at the time of application. RMU reserves the right to change program requirements and/or transfer equivalents. Notice of changes in program requirements by any party of this agreement must be given in writing in a timely manner. Termination of this agreement may be made by any party, and must be in writing. Students who sign a letter of intent are indicating their interest in attending RMU and will be entitled to: - a waiver of the RMU application fee - advanced registration along with RMU students - participation in academic department functions and activities while enrolled at CCBC However, this letter of intent does not obligate students to attend RMU. Students who sign a letter of intent must matriculate within three years. CCBC will properly advertise and will provide information regarding RMU, its academic programs, requirements, and services extended to the transfer graduate under the terms of this agreement. CCBC will communicate with the RMU Academic Services Office regarding issues and questions posed by participating students. CCBC will provide the RMU Admissions Office with the names and addresses of CCBC students who have indicated an interest in attending RMU and would benefit from major department activity information. Christopher M. Reber, Ph.D. Date Christopher B. Howard, D.Phil. Date President President
TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE AGREEMENT. Any term and condition of employment not specifically established by this Agreement shall remain solely within the discretion of the Employer to modify, establish, or eliminate.
TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE AGREEMENT. (Consisting of 10 articles, article 6 and article 7 are supplement terms for clients who registered for additional services)
TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE AGREEMENT. Art. 1 Basic Services of the Designer 4 Art. 2 Additional Services of the Designer 9 Art. 3 Full-Time Construction Inspection 9 Art. 4 The Owner's Responsibilities 10 Art. 5 Limitations of Project Cost and Project Scope 10 Art. 6 Reproduction Expenses 11 Art. 7 Payments to the Designer 11 Art. 8 Accounting Records of the Designer 12 Art. 9 Ownership of Plans and Specifications 12 Art. 10 Termination of Agreement 13 Art. 11 Successors and Assigns 13 Art. 12 Extent of Agreement 14 Art. 13 Professional Consultants 14 Art. 14 Supplemental 15
TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE AGREEMENT. 1. The Beneficiary shall implement the Agreement pursuant to:
TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE AGREEMENT. Government Integrator expressly undertakes to retain in confidence the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and all executed Program Agreements that are made available to Government Integrator, except to the extent such agreements and forms are required to be disclosed by operation of statute or regulation, and all information and know-how transmitted to Government Integrator by MS, and Government Integrator agrees to make no use of such information and know-how except under the terms and during the existence of this agreement. Should Government Integrator disclose the terms and conditions of this Agreement or any executed Program Agreement, except as required by statute, then this Agreement shall immediately terminate. Government Integrator shall guarantee and ensure its employees' compliance with this paragraph. Government Integrator's obligations under this paragraph shall survive any termination of this Agreement and shall extend to the earlier of such time as the information is in the public domain or five (5) years following the termination of this Agreement.
TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE AGREEMENT. 2.1 FI's rights in and to the Equity Share shall arise from the moment of the conclusion of this Transfer.
TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE AGREEMENT. Except as specifically amended by this Amendment, all terms and conditions of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.
TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE AGREEMENT. 15.1. This Agreement may be terminated by either Party with fifteen (15) days’ prior written notice to the other Party, provided, however, that such termination will not affect previously accrued obligations of the Parties hereunder or any purchase or sale of Securities or any transfer of the Funds initiated by the Agent prior to the date of early termination and not completed by the termination date.
TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE AGREEMENT. For purposes of mileage reimbursement, the employee’s primary work location will be the work space designated for the employee by the Department being served. This agreement is in effect for the period of one year, at which time it will be reviewed and appropriate changes will be made before renewal. Consistent with its good steward responsibility to effectively and efficiently utilize [Company] resources, IT management reserves the right to cancel or modify specifics of this agreement at any time based on specific organizational needs or [Company] business operating requirements. Information Technology management agrees to give the employee as much notice as possible regarding cancellation or modification of the working offsite agreement. Once the Work from Home day is agreed to via this document, the Work from Home day cannot be changed without another agreement being signed by Employee and Supervisor. Except as specifically stated in the working offsite agreement, all other terms and conditions of employment remain consistent with normal [Company] provisions for the employment of classified staff. Employee (name & signature) IT Manager (name & signature) ______ Weekly Work From Home Day: ____________