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In Canada a Signature Guarantee obtained from a major Canadian Schedule I bank that is not a member of a Medallion Guarantee Program. The guarantor must affix a stamp in the space above bearing the actual words “Signature Guaranteed”.
In Canada means all channels of distribution, except in the case of clause (v), where it shall include only retail sales, in such country and its territories and (B) "retail" shall refer to products sold as packaged goods for consumption in the home, as opposed to prepared foods sold for away-from-home consumption or consumption without further preparation beyond reheating.
In Canada a Signature Guarantee obtained from a major Canadian Schedule I bank that is not a member of a Medallion Guarantee Program. The guarantor must affix a stamp in the space above bearing the actual words “Signature Guaranteed”. Outside Canada and the US: holders must obtain a guarantee from a local financial institution that has a corresponding affiliate in Canada or the US that is a member of an acceptable Medallion Guarantee Program. The corresponding affiliate must over-guarantee the guarantee provided by the local financial institution.

Examples of In Canada in a sentence

  • In Canada, the Bank of Canada is expected to increase overnight rates to 4.25% and maintain them at elevated levels through calendar 2023, thereby slowing demand to allow inflation to end next year near its 2% target.

  • In Canada, a notice-and-notice system has been in place since 2001 and in the United Kingdom a notice-and-notice system was adopted in 2008 by six ISPs473 Entertainment Media Research, above n 461.

  • In Canada, legislation passed in the 1940s prohibited all strikes during the term of a contract and made grievance arbitration compulsory (Fudge and Tucker, 2001).

  • In Canada, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) has established a regulatory capital adequacy measurement for life insurance companies incorporated under the Insurance Companies Act (Canada) and their subsidiaries.The Life Insurance Capital Adequacy Test (LICAT) Ratio compares the regulatory capital resources of a company to its required capital, defined by OSFI, as the aggregate of all defined capital requirements.

  • In Canada, 55% of the reported cases were abandonment, 15% physical maltreatment and 12% economic exploitation (Consejo Económico Y Social, Nações Unidas, 2002).While in the United States, the National Center on Elder Abuse has over the past few years shared data about the incidence and prevalence of violence on the elderly.

  • In Canada, as well, the lack of innovation is viewed by some as a major problem.Imbs and Wacziarg (2003) found that as poor countries become richer, production by sector and employment become less concentrated.

  • In Canada Safeway, supra, the collective agreement provided employees were to be scheduled for work in order of their seniority.

  • In Canada, through the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, blind and visually impaired persons can obtain at no cost a handheld banknote reader that signals denomination to the user via voice, tone, or vibration.

  • In Canada, energy poverty is referred to as ‘the experience of households or communities that struggle to heat and cool their homes and power their lights and appliances’.

  • In Canada, the following language shall apply hereto: The Parties have required that this Agreement be drawn up in English and have also agreed that all notices or other documents required by or contemplated in this Agreement be written in English.

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In Canada the governmental administration designated by Canada as responsible for administering its customs laws.
In Canada means the action of soliciting, not that the subject matter must be in Canada

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