Eligible Expenses definition

Eligible Expenses means expenses incurred for Medical Services rendered with respect to a Disability.
Eligible Expenses means the Usual, Reasonable and Customary charges for services or supplies which are incurred by the Covered Person for the Medically Necessary treatment of an Injury. Eligible Expenses must be incurred while the Policy and this Certificate is in force.
Eligible Expenses shall have the meaning set forth in Appendix A.

Examples of Eligible Expenses in a sentence

  • Eligible Expenses which have been reimbursed under any law, or medical program or insurance policy provided by any government, company or other third party.

  • Any services or supplies not specifically defined as Eligible Expenses in this Plan.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, where a Confinement is not solely for the purpose of psychiatric treatments, this benefit shall only be payable for the Eligible Expenses charged on the Medical Services related to psychiatric treatments.

  • Benefits for Treatment of Acquired Brain InjuryBenefits for Eligible Expenses incurred for Medically Necessary treatment of an Acquired Brain Injury will be determined on the same basis as treatment for any other physical condition.

  • Where the Eligible Expenses involve both psychiatric and non-psychiatric treatments and apportionment of the expenses is not available, the expenses in entirety shall be payable under this benefit if the Confinement is initially for the purpose of psychiatric treatments.

More Definitions of Eligible Expenses

Eligible Expenses means reasonable expenses associated with
Eligible Expenses means expenses incurred for Medical Services rendered with
Eligible Expenses means expenses incurred and paid by Grantee during the term of this Agreement in implementing the terms of the Grant Plan. All Eligible Expenses must be:
Eligible Expenses means those medical expenses necessitated by an Injury or a Sickness covered by this Policy and incurred on the recommendation of a Physician but shall not exceed the reasonable and customary charges for the same. Eligible Expenses shall not in any event exceed the actual charges incurred.
Eligible Expenses means the maximum amount of any charge for a covered service, treatment or supply that may be considered for payment by the Plan, including any portion of that charge that may be applied to the Deductible or used to satisfy the Out-of-Pocket Maximum. Eligible Expenses are equal to the Procedure Based Maximum Expense (PBME) as defined by this Plan.
Eligible Expenses means financial losses incurred by an eligible person directly related to the misappropriation of the eligible person’s personally identifiable information that was obtained by a third party from a compromised computer system maintained by a state agency, board, committee, or commission. Expenses for services provided by private entities to assist eligible persons with financial losses are not eligible expenses to the extent such services are offered through the State or a state-supported program free of charge.