Other Provision Sample Clauses

Other Provision. 16.1 Borrower fails to exercise its part or total rights, or postpones exercising right under the contract, that shall not be regarded as the Borrower waives this right and other rights or exempted from the right. It shall cause no influence on Borrower to exercise this right or the other rights continuously.
Other Provision. 11.1 Without a consent in writing from Party A, Party B shall not transfer total or part rights or obligations of the Contract.
Other Provision. 1. The Borrower shall not transfer any right or obligation under the Contract to a third party without a writing consent from the Lender.
Other Provision. No provision similar to those in Sections 5, 7 or 8 hereof shall apply to a plan, program or grant as such applies to Executive to the extent it would not be a violation of Section 5, 7 or 8, as applicable.
Other Provision. Investors of one Contracting Party shall enjoy the most favored-nation treatment in the territory of the other Contracting Party in respect of all the matters subject to this Agreement.
Other Provision. 3.2 Method to decide foreign exchange interest rate (not applicable) The foreign exchange interest rate shall be decided according to - method:
Other Provision. Party A receives the Drawdown Notice from Party C, shall release the loan to Party B. otherwise, Guarantor may reject the Guarantee obligation.
Other Provision. 6.1 The contract shall not be terminated by both parties without reasonable causes; otherwise, any party breaks the contract, shall compensate another party for economic loss.
Other Provision. 14.1 The main debt is due under the Main Contract, Party A fails/partly fails to repay the debt, Party B pays to Lender for Party A, the Party B may entitle the Lender for transfer the money from Party’s account to recover its payment for party A, no objection shall be risen from Party A.