Other provision Sample Clauses

Other provision. 8.1 Party A pays the expenses of job training for Party B, a agreement related to training or re-education shall be signed between both parties; in such event, contract terminated by Party B's in his own fault, Party B shall provide a compensation that describing in above mentioned agreement to Party A.
Other provision. 6.1 The contract shall not be terminated by both parties without reasonable causes; otherwise, any party breaks the contract, shall compensate another party for economic loss.
Other provision. Investors of one Contracting Party shall enjoy the most favored-nation treatment in the territory of the other Contracting Party in respect of all the matters subject to this Agreement.
Other provision. It is also understood and agreed that the attached RIDER and PLAN are parts of this lease.
Other provision. No provision similar to those in Sections 5, 7 or 8 hereof shall apply to a plan, program or grant as such applies to Executive to the extent it would not be a violation of Section 5, 7 or 8, as applicable.
Other provision. Both parties, based on actual needs of their business cooperation, may need to sign specific business contracts and execute them accordingly. If there are inconsistencies between any such contracts and this Agreement, the contract shall prevail. Party A Party B /s/ Luo Ping Zhi /s/ Frank C. Ingriselli Authorized Signature Authorized Signature 9/26/2012 Luo Ping Zhi, Authorized Signatory Frank C. Ingriselli, President and Chief Executive Officer _________________________________ ______________________________________ Print Name and Title Print Name and Title
Other provision. Keeping BalancesSchools will be allowed to retain delegated budget income and pay directly into their respective bank accounts.Accounting for Non-Official fundsWhere a Head Teacher or a member of staff, by virtue of his/her official position, is responsible for money or goods which are the property of a school’s non-official fund:• Monies and goods belonging to the non-official funds must be separate from other monies or goods;• Monies and goods are properly recorded separately as belonging to the non-official fund;• An auditor with suitable qualifications should be appointed to independently verify these funds, with audited annual accounts being submitted to governors.
Other provision. Both parties will be based on actual needs of the business co-operation to sign the specific business contracts and execute accordingly. If there are inconsistencies between the contract and this agreement, the contract shall prevail. Party A ________________________ Authorized Signature _________________________________ Print Name and Title Party B ________________________ Authorized Signature _________________________________
Other provision. 5.3 Party A shall pay Party B’s wages before the date of __20__ each month by currency. And the wages shall not below the local minimum wage standard.