Travel Time Sample Clauses

Travel Time. All employees shall be paid travel time allowance per day (as per Appendix A) for each day on which they present themselves for work. The allowance is to be paid for rostered days off and in the case of Apprentices, the days on which they attend trade school, but not payable for either sick leave, annual leave or public holidays. As it is an allowance received during ordinary time, it should also be included in calculations for superannuation contributions.
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Travel Time. Leave provided in paragraphs A and B of this Article shall apply to and cover actual and necessary travel to and from such meetings required during normal working hours on the day of the meeting or negotiations, except that MSEA-SEIU bargaining team members traveling 100 miles or more to negotiations shall be entitled to travel time outside of days of negotiations.
Travel Time. ‌ Travel time between clients shall be scheduled by the Employer, and is included in the employee's paid hours of work. Travel time between clients shall not be included in the meal periods. Where the employee is not required by the Employer to utilize his/her private vehicle for travel between clients, the travel time scheduled and paid by the Employer shall assume travel by automobile. This article applies to travel time between the last client in the first portion of a fixed split shift and the first client in the last portion of the fixed split shift.
Travel Time. Every employee who receives medical travel assistance under 20.09 and travels to a medical centre may be granted leave of absence with pay for the actual time taken to travel, up to a maximum of four days. Any such travel time will not be charged against sick leave credits. The Employer's approval is necessary.
Travel Time. Every employee who is proceeding to a medical centre under the provisions of this Article with the approval of the Employer will be granted leave of absence with pay which is not to be charged against his sick leave credits for the lesser of three (3) days or the actual time taken to travel from his post to the centre of medical treatment and return.
Travel Time. Employees attending conferences, seminars, workshops or training at their own initiative shall not be compensated for more than eight (8) hours per day, unless required by state or federal law. Employees attending these events at the direction of the Appointing Authority shall be compensated for hours of attendance and travel time.
Travel Time a) On all projects, regardless of accessibility or isolation, where an employee transports an Employer’s vehicle to the job, such employee will be paid their regular rate of pay for actual time traveled. Such employees will not receive duplicating travel allowance.
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Travel Time. Notwithstanding any other contract provision, departmental policy or practice, the travel time of employees who are covered by FLSA shall only be considered as time worked if it meets the definitions and requirements of travel time in Sections 785.34 through 785.41 of Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations.
Travel Time. Where applicable, employees in logging operations shall be paid at straight time rate for time spent on Company property in excess of eight and one-half (8 ½) hours in any one day between leaving the designated marshalling point, to be agreed upon, and returning to said point, provided always that the said eight and one-half (8 ½) hour period is based upon one- half (1/2) hour for lunch and may be extended to a maximum of a further fifteen (15) minutes where the lunch time exceeds one-half (1/2) hour.
Travel Time. Employees who are required by the Employer to report to a work site other than that normally assigned or for the purpose of training, picking up tools, equipment, and/or uniforms and subsequently travel to a second work site, shall be in a paid status for time spent in traveling to and from work sites. Overtime eligible employees away from the work site shall be in a paid time status during times of travel or when performing work related duties.
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