Vision Care definition

Vision Care means a vision exam provided by a licensed vision care provider and a prescription for lens and frame.
Vision Care. The Health Plan will pay for the following benefits at of the eligible expenses. This vision care benefit has a maximum total eligible expense of one hundred and fifty ($150.) per participant in any twenty-four (24) consecutive months for participants over eighteen (18) years of age or twelve (12) consecutive months for participants under eighteen (18) years of age Industrial Safety Glasses are a benefit of this Extended Health Plan within the limitations specified in the preceding paragraph, while sunglasses or glasses for cosmetic purposes are not eligible as benefits under this Contract.
Vision Care. The premium cost of the Vision benefit program is outlined under “Health Benefits” above. For specifics regarding the City’s Vision Plan, refer to the Benefit Summary Plan Document.

Examples of Vision Care in a sentence

  • Provide a Vision Care Plan providing two hundred dollars ($200.00) every twenty-four (24) months to those eligible.

  • The following benefits are provided, as defined and limited in the literature provided by our insurance company: - Medical Care Coverage- Dental Care Coverage- Vision Care Coverage- Retirement Savings Upon enrolling, you will obtain summary plan descriptions describing your benefits in detail.

  • Vision Care ..................................................................................................................................................10A10.

  • Employees who have their glasses damaged while working will be compensated to a maximum of two hundred ($200.00) dollars once per calendar year for the cost of replacement glasses, and will next be eligible for Vision Care benefits twenty- four (24) months from the date of purchase of said replacement glasses.

  • Group Insurance Policy Providing Limited Benefits for Vision Care Non-Participating M-9059If premiums are due Us or premium refunds are due the Policyholder as a result of clerical error in the reporting of dates to Us, all premiums or refunds will be calculated at the current rate of premium payment and limited to a maximum period of six months.

More Definitions of Vision Care

Vision Care means the detection and correction of the functionally inadequate visual system, the prescribing of appropriate optical appliances, the fitting and dispensing of such appliances, and other such functions as are expressly or implicitly permitted by law, regulation or custom and practice.
Vision Care. The Employer agrees to pay one hundred percent (100%) of the billed premium of a Vision Care Plan for those employees who participate. If an employee is otherwise covered, the Employer shall not be obligated to contribute.
Vision Care. The purchase and fitting of prescription glasses or elective contact lenses, as well as repairs, or elective laser vision correction procedures, to a combined maximum of $500 per 24 consecutive months changed to $650 per 24 consecutive months; and
Vision Care. PLAN The Authority will provide a Plan "A" Vision Care Plan. The Authority will pay seventy-five (75) percent of the employee's premium and the employee will pay one hundred (100) percent of the applicable dependent premium, if he elects to enroll his dependents. The Authority will provide an annual opportunity for employees to enroll in the Vision Care Plan. Once enrolled, employees must remain in the Vision Care Plan for the duration of the Agreement.
Vision Care. The plan will provide 100% of the cost of prescription eyewear to a maximum of $150.00 per insured person every two (2) years. The Company will cover 100% of the cost of eye examinations to a maximum of $75.00 every two (2) years. Family coverage as per extended health plan. Prescription eyewear refers to lenses, contact lenses and frames. Non-prescription sunglasses and tinting are not eligible for reimbursement. Vision Care is effective from June 1, 1996. APPENDIX C PENSION PLAN
Vision Care. A Vision Care Plan providing a One Hundred and Fifty Dollar benefit every months per family member shall be made available to the members. Ninety percent (90%) of the vision care plan premium for the employee and the employee's family shall be paid by The Board.
Vision Care. Prescription Glasses: $200.00 per 2 calendar year(s) Contact Lenses: (where medically necessary) : $200.00 per 2 calendar year(s) Visual Training: $200.00 per lifetime MEDICAL SERVICES AND SUPPLIES Private Duty Nursing: $10,000.00 per calendar year(s) Stock Item Orthopaedic Shoes: $150.00 per calendar year(s) Custom Made Orthotics: $150.00 per calendar year(s) Referral outside Canada for medical treatment available in Canada: $3,000.00 per 3 calendar year(s). Out-of-Canada Maximum: $5,000.00 per lifetime Hearing Aids: $500.00 per 5 calendar year(s) Surgical Stockings: 4 pairs per calendar year Surgical Brassieres: 4 per calendar year All other Medical Services and Supplies: unlimited EMERGENCY TRAVEL ASSISTANCE Emergency Travel Assistance, a Travel Assist Benefit, is provided up to the maximum shown in the description of this Covered Expense under the Extended Health Care Benefit.