Best Interest Sample Clauses

Best Interest. In forming this agreement, DOD-AK, AFEA, and SOA agree that it is in the public interest to develop and implement the system, and to establish its management and operations as provided in the agreement.
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Best Interest. Tutors will be committed to acting in the best interest of tutees as specified by the employing organization or institute.
Best Interest. DETERMINATIONS When a school move is considered as a result of a change in xxxxxx care placements, Human Services must facilitate a best interest determination in compliance with 12 CCR 7.301.241. A copy of this section of rule is attached as Appendix F.
Best Interest. Our goal is to create a new family plan that will be the best interest of both the children and their parents.
Best Interest. 8.15 Xxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxx 0000 (section 4) and The Mental Capacity Act Code of Practice (Chapter 5) [DCA 2007] set out the best interests checklist to which professionals must have regard when determining what is in the best interests of the individual.
Best Interest. The Employee agrees to act in the best interest of Employer. The obligations of the Employee contained in this Section 7 shall survive the termination of this Agreement.
Best Interest. In the event of a failure or problem, remedial activities may commence prior to notifying Pendleton of the problem. This will allow the COH IT Team the ability to begin problem resolution, open trouble tickets with other vendors, or dispatch personnel with replacement parts when deemed necessary. In doing so, COH is acting in Xxxxxxxxx'x best interest to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. All efforts will be made to communicate any technology-related issues that arise to Pendleton as soon as possible. Administrative Access: It is imperative that COH IT Team maintain and control administrative access to the Xxxxxxxxx'x network and be responsible for providing all other third parties with needed or requested access.
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Best Interest. These factors are to be considered (not inclusive) in determining best interest of a child for purposes of XxXxxxxx-Xxxxx: Child’s safety; Child’s wishes; Parent’s/legal guardian’s/Relative Caregivers’ wishes; Physical and mental health of the child; Child’s adjustment to his or her xxxxxx placement, school, and community; Child’s educational needs; Child’s disability and/or special needs; and Distance of commute to school. Permanency Plan

Related to Best Interest

  • Interest (a) The Loans comprising each ABR Borrowing shall bear interest at the Alternate Base Rate plus the Applicable Rate.

  • Interim Interest If the Issuing Bank shall make any LC Disbursement, then, unless the Borrower shall reimburse such LC Disbursement in full on the date such LC Disbursement is made, the unpaid amount thereof shall bear interest, for each day from and including the date such LC Disbursement is made to but excluding the date that the Borrower reimburses such LC Disbursement, at the rate per annum then applicable to ABR Revolving Loans; provided that, if the Borrower fails to reimburse such LC Disbursement when due pursuant to paragraph (e) of this Section, then Section 2.13(d) shall apply. Interest accrued pursuant to this paragraph shall be for the account of the Issuing Bank, except that interest accrued on and after the date of payment by any Lender pursuant to paragraph (e) of this Section to reimburse the Issuing Bank shall be for the account of such Lender to the extent of such payment.

  • Late Payment Interest ‌ If the Customer fails to make payment by the agreed time, the Contractor shall be entitled to claim interest on any overdue amount, pursuant to the Act No. 100 of 17 December 1976 relating to Interest on Overdue Payments, etc. (Late Payment Interest Act).

  • Payment of Interest; Interest Rights Preserved Except as otherwise provided as contemplated by Section 301 with respect to any series of Securities, interest on any Security which is payable, and is punctually paid or duly provided for, on any Interest Payment Date shall be paid to the Person in whose name that Security (or one or more Predecessor Securities) is registered at the close of business on the Regular Record Date for such interest. Any interest on any Security of any series which is payable, but is not punctually paid or duly provided for, on any Interest Payment Date (herein called "Defaulted Interest") shall forthwith cease to be payable to the Holder on the relevant Regular Record Date by virtue of having been such Holder, and such Defaulted Interest may be paid by the Company, at its election in each case, as provided in Clause (1) or (2) below:

  • Parties at Interest The Agreement herein set forth has been and is made solely for the benefit of the Underwriters and the Company and to the extent provided in Section 9 hereof the controlling persons, partners, directors and officers referred to in such Section, and their respective successors, assigns, heirs, personal representatives and executors and administrators. No other person, partnership, association or corporation (including a purchaser, as such purchaser, from any of the Underwriters) shall acquire or have any right under or by virtue of this Agreement.

  • Simple Interest Each Receivable provides for scheduled monthly payments that fully amortize the Amount Financed by maturity (except for minimally different payments in the first or last month in the life of the Receivable) and provides for a finance charge or yield interest at its APR, in either case calculated based on the Simple Interest Method.

  • Percentage Interest Ownership of the Company shall be divided into, represented by, and each Member’s Percentage Interest shall be expressed in Units of the Company. The name, address, Units and Percentage Interest of each Member are set forth on Exhibit “A” attached hereto, which may be amended from time to time as necessary to reflect changes in the Percentage Interests and Units held by the Members.

  • Assigned Interest 1 Select as applicable Facility Assigned2 Aggregate Amount of Commitment/Loans for all Lenders Amount of Commitment/Loans Assigned Percentage Assigned of Commitment/Loans3 $ $ % $ $ % $ $ % Effective Date: _____________ ___, 20___ [TO BE INSERTED BY ADMINISTRATIVE AGENT AND WHICH SHALL BE THE EFFECTIVE DATE OF RECORDATION OF TRANSFER IN THE REGISTER THEREFOR.] The Assignee agrees to deliver to the Administrative Agent a completed Administrative Questionnaire in which the Assignee designates one or more credit contacts to whom all syndicate-level information (which may contain material non-public information about the Borrowers and their related parties or their respective securities) will be made available and who may receive such information in accordance with the Assignee's compliance procedures and applicable laws, including Federal and state securities laws. By its acceptance of this Assignment, the Assignee hereby agrees to be bound by the terms and provisions of the Intercreditor Agreement and to comply (and cause any Affiliate thereof which is the holder of any Bank Debt (as defined in the Intercreditor Agreement) to comply) with such terms and provisions. The foregoing agreement shall inure to the benefit of all “Bank Creditors” under the Intercreditor Agreement. ______________________________________ 2 Fill in the appropriate terminology for the types of facilities under the Credit Agreement that are being assigned under this Assignment (e.g. “Revolving Commitment”) 3 Set forth, to at least 9 decimals, as a percentage of the Commitment/Loans of all Lenders thereunder. The terms set forth in this Assignment and Assumption are hereby agreed to: ASSIGNOR [NAME OF ASSIGNOR] By: Title: ASSIGNEE [NAME OF ASSIGNEE] By: Title: [Consented to and]4 Accepted: JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A., as Administrative Agent By__________________________________ Title: [Consented to:]5 [__________________________________] By__________________________________ Title: ______________________________________ 4 To be added only if the consent of the Administrative Agent is required by the terms of the Credit Agreement.

  • Imputed Interest The principles of Sections 1272, 1274, or 483 of the Code, as applicable, and the principles of any similar provision of U.S. state and local law, will apply to cause a portion of any Net Tax Benefit payable by the Corporation to a Member under this Agreement to be treated as imputed interest (“Imputed Interest”). For the avoidance of doubt, the deduction for the amount of Imputed Interest as determined with respect to any Net Tax Benefit payable by the Corporation to a Member shall be excluded in determining the Hypothetical Tax Liability of the Corporation for purposes of calculating Realized Tax Benefits and Realized Tax Detriments pursuant to this Agreement.

  • Retained Interest The Retained Interest, if any, in any Underlying Security shall initially be held by the Person so specified in the related Supplement as and to the extent specified therein.

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