Extension of Sample Clauses

Extension of regular working time in daily and two-shift work. The salaried employees' shop xxxxxxx or, if a shop xxxxxxx has not been elected, the salaried employees in a manner jointly agreed by them, shall agree with the employer on how the salaried employees' annual working time will be extended by 24 hours without changing their income. The agreement shall be made in writing and is intended to be in force for one calendar year at a time, remaining in force until further notice, unless a party to the agreement gives written notice on the agreement by the end of September, in order to effectively terminate the agreement from the end of the year. In local agreements, working time shall be increased in a manner suitable for the work and forms of working time in the workplace. Working time can be increased through jointly agreed measures such as adding working time to a flexitime system or working time bank, extending regular daily working time by a maximum of two hours, extending regular weekly working time by changing cer- tain off days to working days, or through other concrete measures. If it is locally agreed that a weekday public holiday should be changed to regular working time, work will be done on the said day without separate consent and no Sunday work bonus according to Section 33, Paragraph 2 of the Working Hours Act will be paid for the work done on the said weekday public holiday. The working time of part-time employees or employees who only work for part of the calendar year will be increased in proportion to their regular working time. The working time extension does not concern salaried employees for whom no minimum working time has been determined. If no collective local settlement is reached, the employer, in line with the provisions on changing the working time system, can allocate a maximum of 24 additional hours of regular work to salaried employees in addition to the working time system used. A maximum of 8 hours of work will be allo- cated to a free Saturday and, in addition, the normal work shift on a working day may be extended by a maximum of 2 hours. However, the free Saturday referred to above may not be a weekday public holiday or the Saturday of a week including a weekday public holiday. The annual working time extension will be implemented by allocating 12 additional working hours to each half of the year. Regular daily working time added on the basis of this provision will increase the regular working time of the week in question. An of...
Extension of. PersonalBusiness leave as identified in Section and shall not begrantedfor the purposeof extending vacation, break periods or holiday time.
Extension of. Powers The power of sale or other disposal conferred on the Collateral Agent and on any Receiver by this Debenture shall operate as a variation and extension of the statutory power of sale under Section 101 of the Law of Property Xxx 0000 and such power shall arise (and the Secured Obligations shall be deemed due and payable for that purpose) on execution of this Debenture.
Extension of. Where a on highway is away his home and thus unavailable to proceed with the steps of the grievance within the time limits such time limits shall be extended to permit his the grievance with the above steps upon his return to his home terminal.
Extension of. Submitting a Claim .......................................................................
Extension of. Deadlines for So-Called “Start of Production”; “Jobs Creation Penalty”; and “Balloon Payment”: Section 14 of the Certain Basic Terms Schedule is hereby amended by: (i) replacing the phrase “First day of the 24th month after the Effective Date” in the fourth paragraph of such section with the phrase “February 1, 2019”; (ii) replacing the phrase “First day of the 24th month after the Effective Date” in the fifth paragraph of such section with the phrase “September 1, 2019”; and (iii) replacing the phrase “First day of the 36th month after the Effective Date” in the fifth paragraph of such section with the phrase “July 31, 2018”.
Extension of. Drug Benefit For Persons Who Reside In Quebec.. ......................
Extension of. Time Limits Time limits mentioned above can be extended by mutual consent of the parties.
Extension of. If the death of a relative referred to in Clause outside the province, the employee may be granted leave with pay not four (4) days for the purpose of the funeral.
Extension of. Personal Business leave as identified in Section and shall not be granted for the purpose of extending vacation, break periods or holiday Deduction Definitions For the purposes of section "Substitute rate" means the rate of salary for a substitute in the teacher's salary classification. For the purposes of section "Minimum rate" means the minimum schedule rate for the employee's classification. For the purposes of sections and "Allow" means no deduction of salary. For the purpose of section staff shall include teachers, clinicians, principals, area service directors, consultants, the chief librarian and the service director of. special education. Leave Request Employees are required to complete "Request for Short Leave of Absence Forms", Exhibits and and secure permission from the Division prior to taking any such leave, except in emergency situations. In emergency situations, the employee shall report to supervisor at the earliest opportunity.