Accommodation Sample Clauses

Accommodation. 10. The Parents and Student agree that no changes to accommodation arrangements will be made without the prior written agreement of the School.
Accommodation. 3.2.1. To provide at its own cost its own office accommodation, administrative support and services as may be necessary for the provision of Support Services.
Accommodation. It is understood and agreed that the handling of this credit facility on a joint borrowing basis as set forth in this Agreement is solely as an accommodation to the Borrowers and at their request. Accordingly, Agent and Lenders are entitled to rely, and shall be exonerated from any liability for relying upon, any Loan Request or any other request or communication made by a purported officer of any Borrower without the need for any consent or other authorization of any other Borrower and upon any information or certificate provided on behalf of any Borrower by a purported officer of such Borrower, and any such request or other action shall be fully binding on each Borrower as if made by it.
Accommodation. The parties acknowledge their duty to accommodate persons with disabilities in the manner and to the extent required by the Ontario Human Rights Code. The parties agree that this means accommodating disabled employees to the point of undue hardship if such accommodation will enable the employee to perform the essential duties of their position. An employee with whom an accommodation is being discussed may have a union representative present during any such discussions. The University’s process for accommodation of academic employees can be found at the following location: xxxx://xx.xxxx.xxxxx.xx.
Accommodation. 4.1 Accommodation discount of up to 15% for wedding or function guests. (Seasonal) xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx
Accommodation. The provision of accommodation for Contractor's personnel is the responsibility of the Contractor. The Contractor or any of his employees or subcontractors is not allowed to use the Employer’s dining facilities. The shop next to the main office building may be utilized by the Contractors.
Accommodation. (a) Compensation will be provided for commercial accommodation for the employee, or the employee and his/her dependants, while in direct travel status to the place of employment, for a maximum of three days at the most economical rates.
Accommodation. 54.08 (a) Commercial Accommodation: employees shall be reimbursed for actual costs of authorized accommodation. Where possible employees shall use hotels which provide government or corporate discount rates. When making a reservation the employee must request the discount rate, and where the stay is expected to exceed one week the employee must request any weekly or monthly rates offered if cost-effective. Receipts must accompany commercial accommodation expenses.
Accommodation. The permission granted to the Owner under the License Agreement is given for good and valuable consideration. However, the permission granted is also given as an accommodation to the Owner and shall be made without requiring the payment of rent from the Owner. The Owner hereby acknowledges the City’s right to the City’s Right of Way and agrees never to assail, resist, or deny such right by virtue of the Owner’s use or occupancy of the City’s Right of Way under this License Agreement.
Accommodation. Xxxxxxxx agrees to and is committed to complying with all applicable laws providing equal housing opportunities. To ensure compliance, Landlord will make reasonable accommodations for the known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qualified individual with a disability who is an applicant or a tenant, unless undue hardship would result. It is the applicant or tenant's responsibility to make Landlord aware of any required accommodation. In writing, the individual with the disability should specify the nature and effect of the disability and any accommodation he or she needs. If after thoughtful consideration and evaluation, the accommodation is reasonable and will not impose an undue hardship, Landlord will make the accommodation. Landlord reserves the right to require appropriate medical verification of the disability.