Marketing Plans Sample Clauses

Marketing Plans. Within 90 days of the execution of this Agreement, and on or before each one-year anniversary of the commencement date of this Agreement, the Licensee shall provide Titan with a written marketing plan with respect to the Licensed Products. Each such marketing plan shall include, on a Licensed Product-by-Licensed Product basis, a marketing timetable, sales projections, channels and methods of distribution, nature and amount of advertising and advertising expenditures, and any other information which Titan may ask the Licensee to include. Each marketing plan shall contain specific information for the one-year period immediately succeeding its submission and general estimates or projections for subsequent periods during which this agreement remains in effect.
Marketing Plans. Without limiting the generality of the other provisions of this Article 6, UGNX shall prepare and submit to the JCC for review (but not approval) a plan containing the strategy and proposed activities (described generally) for marketing and selling Licensed Products in each country in the Territory (as updated pursuant to this Section 6.1.7, the “Marketing Plan”). UGNX shall submit a proposed draft of the Marketing Plan, including Phase 5 Clinical Trials, samples, supplies provided to patients as part of “compassionate useprograms in the Profit Share Territory to the JCC for review (but not approval) no later than [***] months prior to the anticipated date of the First Commercial Sale of any Licensed Product in the applicable country. The initial Marketing Plan shall cover the period through the day before the Profit Share Territory Transition Date. UGNX shall annually by [***] update the Marketing plan covering the rest of the period through the day before the Profit Share Territory Transition Date and prepare each year a detailed annual Marketing Plan for each country in the Territory covering the following Calendar Year. This will be subject to review (but not approval) by the JSC. All decisions regarding the Sales, Promotion and Marketing Activities within Latin America consistent with the Marketing Plan will be determined solely by UGNX. Sales forecasts with respect to the Profit Share Territory and Latin America shall be made on a [***] updated [***].
Marketing Plans. In implementing a U.S. -------------------------------------- Marketing Plan, each Party will develop and maintain appropriate liaison with the Joint Marketing Committee to resolve any questions regarding such implementation and to communicate to the Joint Marketing Committee timely suggestions for improving the U.S. Marketing Plan. In connection with the preparation and implementation of the U.S. Marketing Plan, Adolor and GSK will make available to the Joint Marketing Committee marketing intelligence and market research information then in their possession pertaining to the Collaboration Products, the usage of the Collaboration Products and market trends.
Marketing Plans. USL shall furnish to Orion, on a confidential basis, a draft launch plan for the Product timely in advance of the First Commercial Sale. The parties shall meet annually at USL (unless otherwise agreed upon by the Parties), on or about the anniversary of the First Commercial Sale, to discuss, on a confidential basis, USL’s annual marketing and sales plan for Product, including USL’s marketing strategy for the Product, including key promotional messages, as well as anticipated Net Sales for the upcoming Year. At such meeting, the Parties shall also review USL’s main marketing activities for the prior year, as well as the market share and sales performance of Product, including internally developed information and reports (to the extent existing in the ordinary course of USL’s business) regarding (a) market share development of Product in the Territory during the prior Year, as compared to the prior Year, (b) actual Net Sales during the prior Year as compared to anticipated/budgeted Net Sales in the Territory for that Year, (c) the market share and sales performance of Product compared with competing products in the Territory, market performance and trends for the class of products in which Product competes in the Territory, as well as a listing of potential competing products in the Territory of which USL is aware, and (d) a summary of prescription data regarding total and new prescriptions for Product in the Territory during the prior Year. It is understood that nothing in this Section 15.1 shall require USL to provide Orion with any information that USL has not already generated for its own internal reporting purposes or to provide any information in a format other than that used for its own purposes. 16 PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS, QUALITY, WARRANTIES, INDEMNITIES
Marketing Plans. In accordance with the direction provided by the JCC, ERS shall prepare proposed-marketing and promotional plans for each of the Products and for each country in the Territory, which shall include plans related to the prelaunch, launch, promotion and sales of the Product and which shall include but not be limited to pricing strategy, sales targets, forecasts for the number of sales representatives, copies of promotional materials, a summary of Phase IV clinical studies and a reasonably descriptive overview of the marketing and advertising campaigns proposed to be conducted (the "Marketing Plans"). The Marketing Plans shall be designed to be consistent with the Marketing Budget for such calendar year. ERS shall provide copies of the proposed Marketing Plans to the Company for the Company's review and comment as soon as practicable after preparation and as frequently as may be required based upon ERS's usual marketing campaign cycles, but in no case less that once each calendar year during the term of this Agreement. ERS shall in good faith give due consideration to comments received from the Company on any such Marketing Plan, and will provide the Company with a copy of the final Marketing Plan as soon as it is available. The Parties intend and expect that the Marketing Plan for each calendar year will be finalized no later than the first day of December of the immediately preceding calendar year. Any such final Marketing Plan may be reviewed and revised in accordance with ERS's usual internal practices, provided that the Company shall be provided copies of the proposed revisions, and given the same opportunity to comment and consideration as provided to the Company for the initial Marketing Plans.
Marketing Plans. Contractor and Covered California recognize that Covered California Enrollees and other health care consumers benefit from efforts relating to outreach activities designed to increase health awareness and encourage enrollment. The parties shall create and share marketing plans on an annual basis and at such other intervals as may be reasonably requested by Covered California. The marketing plans of Covered California and Contractor shall include proposed and actual marketing approaches, spending amounts (proposed and actuals when available), messaging and channels, and provide samples of any planned marketing materials and related collateral. The Contractor shall include this information for both Covered California on and off-exchange individual market efforts.
Marketing Plans. GTX shall develop and provide to Orion by October 31 of each year during the Term marketing and sales plans for the Product for each Major Country for the following calendar year, commencing with the calendar year in which Regulatory Approval is obtained in each respective country. Such plans shall include the projected Annual Net Sales and the projected advertising and promotion budgets for such year, and shall not be applicable to the calculation of MSRs pursuant to Section 6.1, for which GTX shall separately provide information.
Marketing Plans. MMD shall promptly provide TKT with copies of its United States marketing plans for GA-EPO covered by the TKT Patent Rights or which uses the TKT Technology, and shall provide TKT with copies of its marketing plans for other countries upon the reasonable request of TKT. Such marketing plans shall not be disclosed to any Third Party without the prior written consent of MMD.