The Bargaining Sample Clauses

The Bargaining. Unit member and the University shall each designate a medical doctor specializing in treatment of the Bargaining Unit member's alleged illness or disability.
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The Bargaining. Unit President or designate of the Union shall also be appointed a seat on the Professional Practice Council.
The Bargaining. Unit shall keep the Board informed as to the members of its Negotiating Committee, the President of the Bargaining Unit or designate, and Bargaining Unit Executive.
The Bargaining. Unit consists of (1) all full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty employed by Xxxxxx State University, hereafter referred to as Tenure-Eligible and Tenured (TET) Faculty, and (2) all Senior Lecturers, Lecturers, Instructors, Clinical Assistant Professors, Clinical Instructors, and Visiting faculty employed full-time by Xxxxxx State University, hereafter referred to as Non-Tenure Eligible (NTE) Faculty. Excluded from the Unit are all department chairs and heads, all ranks of deans, all ranks of provosts, all ranks of vice-presidents, the President, all other supervisors defined by Ohio Revised Code 4117.01(F), all faculty within the Schools of Medicine and Professional Psychology other than those who are tenured or tenure- track, and all other employees not included above. (Combined Unit certified by the Ohio State Employment
The Bargaining. Unit President or designate shall be granted one (1) day to attend the funeral of a member at no cost to the Bargaining Unit.
The Bargaining. Unit Executive may file a grievance with respect to an alleged violation of the employee's rights under the Collective Agreement resulting from the administration and/or application of any Attendance Management Policy.
The Bargaining. Unit shall reimburse the Board for any additional salary allocations, as determined by the Bargaining Unit.
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The Bargaining. Unit President or designate will accompany a teacher to a meeting in which the teacher will receive a summative report of an unsatisfactory or development needed rating.
The Bargaining. Unit Members of the Committee shall be allowed reasonable release time to carry out their obligations under Section 16.4.1.
The Bargaining. Unit under this Agreement shall comprise all Staff Employees and Temporary Employees in those trades represented by the Unions signatory hereto who are employed by the save and except those mechanics and employees described hereunder: Administrative Office Staff Persons the rank of Substitute and Assistant Trade Drivers and Drivers' Helpers Mechanics' Helpers (Labourers) Locksmiths, Automotive Mechanics, Combustion Mechanics, Window Shade Mechanics and any other employees not belonging to Unions in the Preamble. Guards Employees covered under separate Collective with the Board. Employees covered by the Collective Agreement between the Board and Local International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Employees covered by the Collective Agreement between the Board and The United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Industry of the United States and Canada. Employees hired for seasonal projects under programmes funded by the Federal or Provincial Governments, to create employment, shall not be covered by this Agreement far as seniority and grievance rights
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