Collision repair definition

Collision repair means any and all restorative or replacement procedures that are performed on and affect or potentially affect the structural, life safety, and cosmetic components of a motor vehicle that has been damaged as a result of a collision. "Collision repair" also includes any procedure that
Collision repair means any and all restorative or 2179

Examples of Collision repair in a sentence

  • Collision repair involves several stages, each of which involves different activities and processes: body labor, painting and refinishing.

  • Collision repair and painting not exceeding the micro-purchase threshold.

  • Current Board of Directors for CAPA include State Farm, Allstate, Liberty Mutual and GEICO, Clark Plucinski, President of the Boyd Group, which operates the Gerber Collision repair shops (and DRP shops for Allstate, State Farm and GEICO), Tim Adelmann of ABRA, Inc., another MSO collision repair shop like Gerber (and also DRP shops for Defendants State Farm, Allstate , GEICO, USAA, Nationwide and Progressive.

  • Collision repair centers/body shops should always follow the vehicle manu- facturer’s procedures/OEM repair specifications and should never be coerced or en- ticed by an insurance company to cut corners, take safety shortcuts, or do anything that jeopardizes members of the motoring public.

  • Collision repair and refinishing services include advanced knowledge of the processes, technologies, and materials used in the reconstruction and alteration of vehicles.

  • Collision repair and refinishing services include knowledge of the processes, technologies, and materials used in the reconstruction and alteration of vehicles.

  • Collision repair" means restoration or repair of damage to a motor vehicle resulting from collision or other occurrence.Subd.

  • Collision repair and mechanical repair facilities and their customers, the owners of the vehicles being repaired, are the lifeblood ofour business.

  • Collision repair and refinishing is a challenging, lucrative, and rewarding career, especially as vehicles become more diverse and high-tech in their construction.

  • Collision repair professionals – those that encompass the Plaintiffs and the proposed classes in this case – have a different goal.

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