Technical Support Services Sample Clauses

Technical Support Services. 2.1 The technical support services (the "Services"): Party A agrees to provide to Party B the relevant services requested by Party B, which are specified in Exhibit 1 attached hereto ("Exhibit 1").
Technical Support Services. 2.1 The strategic consulting services (the "Services"): Party A engages Party B to provide to Party A the strategic consulting services specified in Exhibit 1 attached hereto ("Exhibit 1") from the execution date of this Agreement.
Technical Support Services. Partner will be primarily responsible for providing technical support to Customer in accordance with the Technical Support Services Guidelines (“TSSG”) related to a specific Product and Service as made available at the following URL: xxxxx:// To the extent that Partner cannot resolve a support issue, then Partner or Customer may escalate support to Google and Google will provide Customer support solely in accordance with the Technical Support Services Guidelines for the applicable Product and Service.
Technical Support Services. 1. For the purposes of this section, “Technical Support Services” refers to any of the following Additional Services that you may have chosen to provide technical support with your Fios Internet service: TechSure, TechSure Plus, TechSure Premium, Verizon Premium Technical Support Service, and Tech Support Pro. These are services intended to address issues outside the scope of Verizon’s standard technical support, and which may be provided by a third-party vendor, including without limitation Asurion Service Warranty, Inc. (“Asurion”), “Verizon”, “we”, and “our” includes Verizon and Verizon’s vendor(s) who may provide or assist in providing Technical Support Services.
Technical Support Services. For so long as Subscriber is current with its payment of the fees specified in the Quote, OneLogin will use reasonable efforts to provide an administrator designated by Subscriber with technical support services relating to the OneLogin Services by phone, support portal, and email as stated in the Terms of Service for the designated Success Package.
Technical Support Services. Showpad’s standard technical support services are included at no additional charge during the Subscription Term. Access to email technical support is provided to Customer’s designated support administrators (up to 3) during normal business hours (Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm in Customer’s timezone). Access to online support resources ( are available 24x7x365 to all Authorized Users.
Technical Support Services. 5.1 College Account agrees to perform primary support services to its End Users, including day-to- day help, support, technical aid, and other assistance for End User's use of its CDL Service or for any issues arising from the use of the CDL Service ("Primary Support"). College Account shall assign personnel with appropriate skills and expertise in computer, data processing, and related services to enable operation of the CDL Service and to provide Primary Support.
Technical Support Services. Any Technical Support Services acquired by Customer, including as part of a BlackBerry Software subscription, are provided subject to: (i) this Agreement; (ii) the Technical Support Services program description found at xxxx:// (or such other site as may be made available to Customer by BlackBerry from time-to-time), as may be amended by BlackBerry and which are incorporated herein by this reference; and (iii) Customer’s payment of all applicable fees for the requisite time period and number and type of licenses acquired by Customer pursuant to an accepted BlackBerry order. Customer agrees that it may be required to update BlackBerry Software and/or Third Party Items to continue to access or use the BlackBerry Solution, Third Party Items or portions thereof.
Technical Support Services. HotSchedules will provide Subscriber with then-current standard technical support services with respect to the Service, as described on HotSchedules’ website at xxxxx:// ("Technical Support Services"), so long as Subscriber is current in all payments due to HotSchedules under the Agreement. HotSchedules may use all technical information provided by Subscriber in connection with Technical Support Services for HotSchedules’ business purposes, including for product support and development.
Technical Support Services. Beginning on the Effective Date and continuing until the earliest of the [***] anniversary of the Effective Date, the termination of this Agreement or the termination of the License Agreement, upon reasonable request of Myovant, Takeda shall provide Myovant with: (a) reasonable technical assistance to effect the transfer to Myovant or its designee of the Takeda Manufacturing Know-How, including the then-current process for the Manufacture of the Drug Substance and Drug Product, and facilitate the implementation of Manufacture of the Drug Substance and Drug Product at the facilities of Myovant or its designee, and (b) other reasonable technical, regulatory and CMC related services in support of the Development of the Licensed Compound and Licensed Product ((a) and (b) collectively, the “Technical Support Services”). Any Technical Support Services provided by Takeda will be documented in work orders, executed by both Parties and substantially in the form attached as Exhibit D (each a “Project Work Order”). Technical Support Services will be provided from Takeda’s or its Affiliates’ facilities unless otherwise expressly set forth in a Project Work Order. Unless otherwise expressly provided in a Project Work Order, any Inventions or other Information arising out of Takeda’s performance of the any Technical Support Services will be governed by Article 13 of this Agreement. In furtherance of the Technical Support Services, the Parties may agree that Takeda will ship small quantities of Drug Substance or Drug Product to Myovant. Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties, any such shipment shall not be subject to Article 7 or Article 8 of this Agreement; rather, the terms of such shipment shall be separately agreed by the Parties and may be stated in the applicable Project Work Order.