Air Conditioning Sample Clauses

Air Conditioning. If the Apartment has been provided with a ledge for split air conditioning system with suitable provision for keeping outdoor units of the AC system and also the route to take refrigerant piping, which the Allottee shall have to strictly follow while installing AC units
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Air Conditioning. 35.01 Subject to the provisions of this Article and all other applicable provisions of this Lease, Landlord shall supply air-conditioning service to the Premises through the Building’s central air-conditioning facilities (the “Building HVAC System”) during the Building’s air conditioning season (May 15th to October 15th) during the Building’s air conditioning operating hours (Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) subject to and in accordance with the provisions of this Lease. Landlord shall perform such work as is necessary, if any, in order to place the Building HVAC System in good working order (“Landlord’s Initial HVAC Work”). Landlord shall perform Landlord’s Initial HVAC Work as promptly as is reasonably practical following the commencement of the Term hereof. All air conditioning equipment and facilities (other than the Building HVAC System) located in or servicing the Premises, including, without limitation, the ducts, dampers, registers, grilles and appurtenances utilized in connection with the Building HVAC System and any Supplemental Systems (hereinafter defined) shall be maintained, repaired and operated by Tenant in compliance with all present and future laws and regulations relating thereto at Tenant’s sole cost and expense. Tenant shall pay Tenant’s proportionate share of all electricity (and also water, gas and/or steam, if applicable) consumed in the operation of the Building HVAC System and for the production of chilled and/or condenser water and its supply to the Premises. If supplementary air-conditioning equipment is required to accommodate Tenant’s special usage areas (i.e. computer rooms, conference rooms, cafeteria/lunchroom or any special usage which subjects a portion or the entire Premises to a high density of office personnel and/or heat generating machines or appliances), it shall be Tenant’s responsibility to furnish, install, maintain, repair and operate such required supplementary air-conditioning equipment for such Supplemental System at its sole cost and expense. Landlord reserves the right to suspend operation of the Building HVAC System at any time that Landlord, in its reasonable judgment, deems it necessary to do so for reasons such as accidents, emergencies or any situation arising in the Premises or within the Building which has an adverse affect, either directly or indirectly, on the operation of Building HVAC System, including without limitation, reasons relating to the making of repairs, alterations or impr...
Air Conditioning. Effective May 1, 1977 all feeder road equipment placed in service shall be equipped with air-conditioning. Three (3) years from May 1, 1977, all other feeder road equipment shall be equipped with air- conditioning. It is understood that the National Committee may waive installation of air-conditioning where climatic conditions, scheduling problems for retrofitting or other standards exist. The Committee shall be guided by such rules as may be established by a similar Joint Area Committee under the National Master Freight Agreement.
Air Conditioning. (a) Landlord shall furnish to and distribute in the Premises air conditioning during Business Hours so as to maintain an ambient temperature between 70° and 74° during the cooling season. Txxxxx agrees to close the blinds when necessary because of the sun’s position, whenever the air conditioning system is in operation, and to abide by all the reasonable regulations and requirements which Landlord may prescribe for, the proper functioning and protection of the air conditioning system.
Air Conditioning. Except with the written permission of the Lessor and the property management company designated by the Lessor, the Lessee may not additionally install air conditioning facilities other than those provided by the Lessor.
Air Conditioning. All feeder tractor-trailer equipment utilized in feeder-line operations ordered after May 1, 1979, shall be equipped with air conditioning, subject to the following conditions:
Air Conditioning. (a) Where the mean daily maximum temperatures of an area are over 24 degrees Celsius for 30 days or longer, as outlined in Table 2, climatic norms, B.C. Dept. of Agriculture, then air conditioning will be provided in the sleeping rooms.
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Air Conditioning. Effective May 1, 1977, all tractor-feeder road equipment placed in service shall be equipped with air conditioning. Effective April 29, 1981, all other tractor-feeder road equipment (except equipment manufactured in 1969 or before) used in the service of the Employer shall be equipped with air conditioning. Any equipment that is put into service after August 1, 1990 that already has an air-conditioning unit, such units will not be removed. All air-conditioned equipment will be maintained in working order. It is understood that the Joint Committee may waive installation of air conditioning where climatic conditions or other standards exist.
Air Conditioning. Air conditioning is not guaranteed. When the air conditioning is operating in a building, all windows must be closed.
Air Conditioning. The office building will offer central air conditioning at the following time: 9:00-18:00 from Monday to Friday, excluding other time and public holidays. If the Lessee requires over-time air conditioning services beyond the above time, it shall notify the property management company designated by the Lessor 24 hours in advance. After the receipt of a reasonable notice from the Lessee, the property management company designated by the Lessor will provide such over-time air conditioning services. The charges of such over-time air conditioning services will be determined by the property management company designated by the Lessor and the Lessee will be informed thereof.
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