Programs Sample Clauses

Programs. The HMO must coordinate with other state HHS Programs in each Service Area regarding the provision of essential public health care services. In addition to the requirements listed above in Section 8.2.2. or otherwise required under state law or this contract, the HMO must meet the following requirements:
Programs. 8.1 Costs shall only be incurred under and pursuant to Programs prepared by the Operator, approved by the Management Committee and delivered to the parties as provided in this article. Any Feasibility Report shall be prepared pursuant to a separate Program.
Programs. See Section 2.3(b). --------
Programs. If the NRMP's investigation of an alleged Match violation by a program results in a finding that a program has committed a violation of this Agreement, the processing of the program's rank order list may be interrupted. The NRMP at its discretion may withdraw the program from the SMS Match. The NRMP’s Final Report on the confirmed violation will be delivered to the program director with copies to:
Programs. School Corporation contributions shall be made only for School Corporation contracted programs.
Programs. Broker shall furnish or cause to be furnished the artistic personnel and material for the Programs as provided by this Agreement and all Programs shall be in good taste and in accordance with the rules, regulations and policies of the FCC. All Programs shall be prepared and presented in conformity with the regulations prescribed in ATTACHMENT II hereto. All advertising spots and promotional material or announcements shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local regulations and policies.
Programs. See Section 2.3b. --------
Programs. 5.1 NBHC will prepare a distinguishing summary for each proposed Program that NBHC wishes to include under this Agreement. The distinguishing summary will include the following: − Name of the (proposed) Program − Effective Date − Which Spending Category(ies) it falls into − Specific ObjectiveProponent TypeActivity TypeNature of AssistanceIntended Outcome(s) to be met 5.2 NBHC may propose changes to distinguishing summaries for Programs.