Staff Representative definition

Staff Representative means an agent of the Institute, other than an employee, having the authority to represent employees in the bargaining unit in matters related to their employment.
Staff Representative means the member of staff in each school elected by the staff in accordance with Clause16.3 to represent the staff of the particular School at meetings of the Staff Committee as described at Clause 26.
Staff Representative means a person who is chosen by a staff member to be their chosen representative, who may be a union member or union official but who is not a practising barrister or solicitor.

Examples of Staff Representative in a sentence

  • The State will promptly pay the Contractor after the Contractor presents an itemized invoice for the services and the report(s) required under Item 2, Scope of Work, for the services actually performed and the State's Authorized Direct Service Staff Representative accepts the invoiced services.

  • The state will not recognize a Staff Representative whose name does not appear on the list.

  • It is mutually understood that only the minimum amount of time necessary to handle complaints or grievances will be utilized by the Union Staff Representative.

  • In addition, the Union Staff Representative may participate in Step 3.

  • The state will not recognize any person as a Staff Representative whose name does not appear on the list.

More Definitions of Staff Representative

Staff Representative means the staff member assigned by the Chief Administrative Officer to assist a committee in a non-voting capacity.
Staff Representative means the professional staff liaison designated by the City Manager responsible to advise and assist the City of Wichita and the Design Council. Such person shall be in addition to the Ex Officio member appointed by the City Manager.
Staff Representative means a full time Union employee.
Staff Representative means a person, who is not a current practising solicitor or barrister in private practice, or an organisation nominated by a Staff Member to represent them, if they so choose.
Staff Representative means the member of staff elected under Article 45 of the Conditions of Employment who is appointed to the Investment Committee in accordance with Article 4.2(ii) of these Rules;
Staff Representative means a member of staff who is: (a) elected as a member of the Staff Committee and/or Oversight Committee, and/or (b) appointed by one of the trade unions recognised under the terms of theGuiding principles for the recognition of, information sharing and consultation with, trade unions at the European Central Bank” of 1 April 2011 as their representative; and (c) was granted time dispensation;
Staff Representative means an employee of the Union.