Development Plans Sample Clauses

Development Plans. Customer has provided Provider with a report attached hereto as Exhibit D (the “Current Development Plan”) describing in detail, as of January 1, 2017, the planned development, drilling, production, processing, treating, marketing and other activities to take place with respect to Dedicated Crude Oil and certain Customer NGLs for the applicable Development Period. The information contained in the Current Development Plan is broken out, with respect to the first three Years covered by the Current Development Plan, on a Quarter-by-Quarter basis, and with respect to the remaining Years covered by the Current Development Plan, on a Year-by-Year basis. The Current Development Plan attached hereto has been approved by the Parties.
Development Plans. An initial product development plan for Products in the Field in the Territory (the "Initial Development Plan") is attached hereto as Schedule 3.2. The Initial Development Plan as modified or amended from time to time by the Development Committee and approved by the JMC, as set forth in this Section 3.2, and any subsequent Development Plan as so modified or amended and approved, shall be referred to individually as a "Development Plan" and collectively as the "Development Plans." No later than November 1 of each year, the Development Committee shall review the then current Development Plan and confirm or amend its applicability for the following year, for review and approval by the JMC. Each annual Development Plan shall be in writing and shall set forth with reasonable specificity the research objectives, priorities, applicable development milestones, budgets, and personnel requirements for the period covered by such annual Development Plan to the extent not addressed by this Agreement. The Development Plans shall cover all aspects of development relating to Products, including pre-clinical and clinical development, and shall include, with reasonable specificity, the Development activities to be performed by each Party (including Manufacture of clinical supply by XOMA) and Development activities to be performed by academic collaborators or under contract service agreements. The Development Committee may agree on modifications, and recommend that the JMC approve such modifications, to the provisions of any Development Plan at any time.
Development Plans. During the Term, Licensee will conduct all Development activities in connection with the TAK-385 Licensed Compound or any TAK-385 Licensed Product in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Article 5 (Development) and the plan for Development activities with respect to the TAK-385 Licensed Compound and TAK-385 Licensed Products (as such plan may be amended from time to time pursuant to this Section 5.3 (Development Plans) (with respect to the TAK-385 Development Plan), a “TAK-385 Development Plan”). [***]. The TAK-385 Development Plan will include reasonably detailed descriptions of: (a) all material Development activities reasonably anticipated to be undertaken by Licensee to obtain Regulatory Approval of the one or more TAK-385 Licensed Products in the Field in the Licensee Territory and in the Men’s Health Field in the Takeda Territory, (b) all Licensee Development Activities in the Takeda Territory, (c) all Initial Development Activities, (d) estimated dates on which Licensee expects to achieve each Development Milestone Event, including the filing of an NDA in each country in the Licensee Territory in which Licensee is Developing a TAK-385 Licensed Product, and (e) an estimate of costs and expenses associated with the activities set forth in the TAK-385 Development Plan. The initial TAK-385 Development Plan is attached hereto as Schedule 5.3 (TAK-385 Development Plan). Without limiting the foregoing, the TAK-385 Development Plan will provide that Licensee conduct (i) [***]; and (ii) [***], in each case consistent with the activities described in the initial TAK-385 Development Plan attached hereto as Schedule 5.3 (TAK-385 Development Plan). Licensee will prepare an update to the TAK-385 Development Plan at least annually. Licensee may amend the TAK-385 Development Plan as reasonable or necessary at any time during the Term; provided that all annual updates and any material amendments must be reviewed, discussed, and, solely with respect to any Development activities in the Takeda Territory, approved, by the JRC in accordance with Section 2.2.2(a) (Establishment; Responsibilities), and provided, further, that all such updates or material amendments to the TAK-385 Development Plan must be in accordance with the requirements of this Article 5 (Development). No update or amendment to the TAK-385 Development Plan related to Development activities in the Takeda Territory will be effective unless approved by the JRC in accordance with Arti...
Development Plans. Corium began development of the [*]Product upon the signing of the LOI. Upon the signing of this Agreement, Corium will begin development of the Catapress TTS Product, and within thirty (30) days of the Effective Date, Corium will begin development of the [*] Product. The Parties are in the process of determining, and will mutually decide by December 31, 2004, whether or not they will develop the [*]Product. Attached to this Agreement as Exhibits A, B, C, and D respectively are the *Confidential Treatment Requested. Target Achievement Date and Timeline (the “Development Plan”), a development budget, (the “Budget”), payment schedule (the “Payment Schedule”), and milestone payment schedule (the “Milestone Payment Schedule”) with respect to each Product.
Development Plans. Development of Products pursuant to this Article III shall be governed by a separate written plan attached as Exhibit 3.4 hereto ("Development Plan") which, together with updates, shall be prepared by Myogen and submitted to HMR for its information. Each Development Plan will describe the proposed overall program of development for Products, including, process development, clinical studies and regulatory plans and other elements of obtaining Regulatory Approval. Each Development Plan will set forth key objectives. Each Development Plan will be updated annually by Myogen and, together with any updates thereto, be provided to HMR for its information.
Development Plans. The Parties acknowledge that pursuant to the ReGenX Agreement, Dimension is required to provide ReGenX with a development plan and budget covering the […***…] of development activities with respect to the Licensed GT Product and Licensed Treatment, and to provide […***…] updates to such development plan and budget. Bayer agrees to cooperate with Dimension in the provision of information in meeting Dimension’s obligation under the ReGenX Agreement, and such cooperation may include sharing a copy of the Research Plan (or portions thereof) with ReGenX, answering follow up questions ReGenX may have, or providing certain information regarding the later stage clinical development and regulatory activities by Bayer and its Affiliates and Sublicensees following the POC Trial.
Development Plans. Within sixty (60) days after a Development Compound is selected for development in accordance with Section 2.2(c), APSA shall prepare a reasonably detailed plan for the initial development of such Development Compound in each Major Pharmaceutical Market for review and approval by the DC (each, a “Development Plan”). On a semi-annual basis, APSA shall apprise the DC of progress under each Development Plan and shall submit revisions to existing Development Plans to the DC for review and approval by the DC.
Development Plans. Each Dynavax Program will be carried out by Dynavax pursuant to a development plan (each, a “Development Plan”) that will outline anticipated Research and Development activities to be conducted by Dynavax and [ * ]. Any estimates regarding [ * ] shall be intended as a general guide only, and Dynavax shall continue to progress each Dynavax Program with Commercially Reasonable Efforts, even if Commercially Reasonable Efforts would require a [ * ] set forth in the Development Plan. The initial Development Plan for the [ * ] TLR 7/9 Program has been agreed to by the Parties and is attached hereto as Exhibit A. Development Plans for the other Dynavax Programs will be prepared in accordance with Section 2.5. The Development Plan for the [ * ] will be prepared within [ * ] after the Effective Date, unless otherwise agreed by the JSC. From time to time during the Research Term [ * ], Dynavax shall update each Development Plan (or applicable portion thereof) and shall submit such updated Development Plan to the JSC for review and comment. Dynavax shall consider all such comments in good faith before preparing an updated Development Plan, however each such Development Plan will be designed with the objective of enabling a determination upon completion of the Development Plan as to whether all of the criteria (either Pre-Candidate Selection Criteria, Phase I Ready Criteria, [ * ] Criteria or PoC Criteria) have been met. Each updated Development Plan shall replace the Development Plan previously in effect. Each Development Plan will be reviewed as necessary at each meeting of the JSC, and at any other time upon the request of either Party, and the JSC may suggest modifications, as appropriate, to reflect material scientific or commercial developments. In the event of any inconsistency between any Development Plan and this Agreement, the terms of this Agreement shall prevail and any such inconsistent portion of a Development Plan is hereby expressly rejected.
Development Plans. On a Development Program-by-Development Program basis, as soon as possible following the effectiveness of an IND with respect to a Development Candidate Directed to the applicable Selected Target, the Parties (acting through the JDC) shall establish a Development Plan if not previously established pursuant to Section 2.2.5, including a budget pursuant to Section 6.5.2(a), covering the discovery and global Development of Licensed Compounds and Licensed Products Directed to the Selected Target, and related Diagnostic Products. Each Development Plan shall allocate responsibilities for Development activities to the Parties with a guiding principle that each Party shall play a meaningful role in the Development of Licensed Compounds and Licensed Products Directed to the Selected Target and related Diagnostic Products. Subject to Section 4.7, the Parties agree to conduct all of their Development activities with respect to each Development Program in accordance with the applicable Development Plan and budget.
Development Plans. Those drawings identified on the attached Exhibit A, together with all details and notes shown thereon, and all specifications referred to therein (including all amendments and revisions to date as well as any amendments and revisions lawfully adopted hereafter), as approved by the Town as of the above date, are incorporated into this Agreement by reference and are sometimes collectively referred to hereafter as the “Development Plan(s)”.With respect to the Development Plan(s), CFA agrees upon written request of the Town to furnish any supplemental information in connection therewith. Within One Hundred Twenty (120) days of the issuance of a use and occupancy permit of the project, CFA shall deliver “as built” drawings of the public improvements described in the Development Plans with respect thereto to the Town If not so delivered within One Hundred Twenty (120) days, CFA shall pay to the Town a penalty of $25.00 per day for each day beyond said period that the drawings are not delivered, the total amount of the penalty to be a charge against the security required by Paragraph 5 below, and failure to pay said penalty within thirty (30) days of the date when the drawings are delivered shall constitute an act of default entitling the Town to exercise the remedies set forth in Paragraph 11 below.In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between one part of the Development Plan(s) and any other part of the Development Plan(s), or between said Development Plan(s) and any specifications, standard details, development guidelines of the Town, the subdivision regulations, landscape manual and ordinances of the Town, or between any of them and this Agreement, then, in that event, such conflict or inconsistency shall beinterpreted in the light most favorable to the Town and consistent with the overall intent of the Development Plan(s) and, in the event of any dispute between the Parties concerning such interpretations, then the determination with respect to such dispute shall be made by the Town Engineer exercising reasonable business judgment whose decision shall be final and conclusive upon the Parties.CFA shall be bound by all of the applicable provisions of the zoning and subdivision regulations and all ordinances of the Town, whether or not mentioned herein.