Tax Matters Sample Clauses

Tax Matters. The Company and each Subsidiary has timely prepared and filed all tax returns required to have been filed by the Company or such Subsidiary with all appropriate governmental agencies and timely paid all taxes shown thereon or otherwise owed by it. The charges, accruals and reserves on the books of the Company in respect of taxes for all fiscal periods are adequate in all material respects, and there are no material unpaid assessments against the Company or any Subsidiary nor, to the Company’s Knowledge, any basis for the assessment of any additional taxes, penalties or interest for any fiscal period or audits by any federal, state or local taxing authority except for any assessment which is not material to the Company and its Subsidiaries, taken as a whole. All taxes and other assessments and levies that the Company or any Subsidiary is required to withhold or to collect for payment have been duly withheld and collected and paid to the proper governmental entity or third party when due. There are no tax liens or claims pending or, to the Company’s Knowledge, threatened against the Company or any Subsidiary or any of their respective assets or property. Except as described on Schedule 4.11, there are no outstanding tax sharing agreements or other such arrangements between the Company and any Subsidiary or other corporation or entity.

Tax Matters. The Company (i) has prepared and filed all foreign, federal and state income and all other tax returns, reports and declarations required by any jurisdiction to which it is subject, (ii) has paid all taxes and other governmental assessments and charges that are material in amount, shown or determined to be due on such returns, reports and declarations, except those being contested in good faith, with respect to which adequate reserves have been set aside on the books of the Company and (iii) has set aside on its books provisions reasonably adequate for the payment of all taxes for periods subsequent to the periods to which such returns, reports or declarations apply, except, in the case of clauses (i) and (ii) above, where the failure to so pay or file any such tax, assessment, charge or return would not have or reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect.

Tax Matters. The Servicer shall prepare and file, on behalf of the Seller, all tax returns, tax elections, financial statements and such annual or other reports attributable to the activities engaged in by the Issuer as are necessary for preparation of tax reports, including without limitation forms 1099. All tax returns will be signed by the Seller or the Servicer.

Tax Matters. The following provisions shall govern the allocation of responsibility as between Buyer and Sellers for certain tax matters following the Closing Date:

Tax Matters. Except as would not, individually or in the aggregate, reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect: (a) the Company and each of its Subsidiaries has prepared (or caused to be prepared) and timely filed (taking into account valid extensions of time within which to file) all Tax Returns required to be filed by any of them, and all such filed Tax Returns (taking into account all amendments thereto) are true, complete and accurate, (b) all Taxes owed by the Company and each of its Subsidiaries that are due (whether or not shown on any Tax Return) have been timely paid except for Taxes which are being contested in good faith by appropriate proceedings and which have been adequately reserved against in accordance with GAAP, (c) no examination or audit of any Tax Return relating to any Taxes of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries or with respect to any Taxes due from or with respect to the Company or any of its Subsidiaries by any Governmental Authority is currently in progress or threatened in writing and (d) none of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries has engaged in, or has any liability or obligation with respect to, any “listed transaction” within the meaning of Treasury Regulations Section 1.6011-4(b)(2).

Tax Matters. Except as described on Schedule 5.8, (a) Borrower has filed all federal, state and local tax returns that it is required to file, (b) Borrower has duly paid or fully reserved for all taxes or installments thereof (including any interest or penalties) as and when due, which have or may become due pursuant to such returns, and (c) Borrower has paid or fully reserved for any tax assessment received by Borrower for the three (3) years preceding the Closing Date, if any (including any taxes being contested in good faith and by appropriate proceedings).

Tax Matters. Except as would not, individually or in the aggregate, reasonably be expected to have a Company Material Adverse Effect:

Tax Matters. Except as set forth on Schedule 4.15:

Tax Matters. The General Partner shall be the initial “tax matters partner” within the meaning of Section 6231(a)(7) of the Code (the “Tax Matters Partner”). The Partnership shall file as a partnership for federal, state, provincial and local income tax purposes, except where otherwise required by Law. All elections required or permitted to be made by the Partnership, and all other tax decisions and determinations relating to federal, state, provincial or local tax matters of the Partnership, shall be made by the Tax Matters Partner, in consultation with the Partnership’s attorneys and/or accountants. Tax audits, controversies and litigations shall be conducted under the direction of the Tax Matters Partner. The Tax Matters Partner shall keep the other Partners reasonably informed as to any tax actions, examinations or proceedings relating to the Partnership and shall submit to the other Partners, for their review and comment, any settlement or compromise offer with respect to any disputed item of income, gain, loss, deduction or credit of the Partnership. As soon as reasonably practicable after the end of each Fiscal Year, the Partnership shall send to each Partner a copy of U.S. Internal Revenue Service Schedule K-1, and any comparable statements required by applicable U.S. state or local income tax Law as a result of the Partnership’s activities or investments, with respect to such Fiscal Year. The Partnership also shall provide the Partners with such other information as may be reasonably requested for purposes of allowing the Partners to prepare and file their own tax returns.

Tax Matters. Except as could not reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect, (a) each of the Borrower and the Subsidiaries has filed all federal income tax returns and all other tax returns, domestic and foreign, required to be filed by it and has timely paid all taxes payable by it (whether or not shown on a tax return) that have become due, (b) the Borrower and each of the Subsidiaries have paid, or have provided adequate reserves (in the good faith judgment of management of the Borrower or such Subsidiary) in accordance with GAAP for the payment of, all federal, state, provincial and foreign taxes applicable for the current fiscal year to the Original Closing Date and (c) the Borrower and each of its Subsidiaries has withheld amounts from their respective employees for all periods in compliance with the tax, social, security and unemployment withholding provisions of applicable law and timely paid such withholdings to the respective Governmental Authorities.