Cooperation Sample Clauses

Cooperation. The Custodian shall cooperate with and supply necessary information to the entity or entities appointed by the Trust to keep the books of account of the Fund and/or compute the value of the assets of the Fund. The Custodian shall take all such reasonable actions as the Trust may from time to time request to enable the Trust to obtain, from year to year, favorable opinions from the Trust's independent accountants with respect to the Custodian's activities hereunder in connection with (i) the preparation of the Trust's reports on Form N-1A and Form N-SAR and any other reports required by the SEC, and (ii) the fulfillment by the Trust of any other requirements of the SEC.
Cooperation. Each of the Corporate Taxpayer and each Member shall (a) furnish to the other party in a timely manner such information, documents and other materials as the other party may reasonably request for purposes of making any determination or computation necessary or appropriate under this Agreement, preparing any Tax Return or contesting or defending any audit, examination or controversy with any Taxing Authority, (b) make itself available to the other party and its representatives to provide explanations of documents and materials and such other information as the other party or its representatives may reasonably request in connection with any of the matters described in clause (a) above, and (c) reasonably cooperate in connection with any such matter, and the Corporate Taxpayer shall reimburse the applicable Member for any reasonable third-party costs and expenses incurred pursuant to this Section 6.03.
Cooperation. The Parties shall at all times endeavor to agree on the interpretation and application of this Agreement, and shall make every attempt through cooperation or consultations to arrive at a mutually satisfactory resolution of any matter that might affect its operation when a dispute occurs.
Cooperation. If the Indemnifying Party chooses to defend or prosecute any Third Party Claim, the Indemnified Party will, and will cause each other Indemnitee to, cooperate in the defense or prosecution thereof and will furnish such records, information and testimony, provide such witnesses and attend such conferences, discovery proceedings, hearings, trials and appeals as may be reasonably requested in connection with such Third Party Claim. Such cooperation will include access during normal business hours afforded to the Indemnifying Party to, and reasonable retention by the Indemnified Party of, records and information that are reasonably relevant to such Third Party Claim, and making Indemnitees and other employees and agents available on a mutually convenient basis to provide additional information and explanation of any material provided hereunder, and the Indemnifying Party will reimburse the Indemnified Party for all its reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred in connection with such cooperation.
Cooperation. (a) From and after the Effective Time, except in the case of an adversarial Action or threatened adversarial Action by any member of either the WMB Group or the WPX Group against any member of the other Group (which shall be governed by such discovery rules as may be applicable thereto), each party, upon reasonable written request of the other party, shall use reasonable efforts to cooperate and consult in good faith with the other party to the extent such cooperation and consultation is reasonably necessary with respect to (i) any Action, (ii) this Agreement or any of the Ancillary Agreements or any of the transactions contemplated hereby or thereby or (iii) any audit, investigation or any other legal requirement, and, upon reasonable written request of the other party, shall use reasonable efforts to make available to such other party the former, current and future directors, officers, employees, other personnel and agents of the members of its respective Group (whether as witnesses or otherwise). The requesting party shall bear all costs and expenses in connection therewith.
Cooperation. Upon the receipt of reasonable notice from the Company (including outside counsel), the Employee agrees that while employed by the Company and thereafter, the Employee will respond and provide information with regard to matters in which the Employee has knowledge as a result of the Employee’s employment with the Company, and will provide reasonable assistance to the Company, its affiliates and their respective representatives in defense of any claims that may be made against the Company or its affiliates, and will assist the Company and its affiliates in the prosecution of any claims that may be made by the Company or its affiliates, to the extent that such claims may relate to the period of the Employee’s employment with the Company (collectively, the “Claims”). The Employee agrees to promptly inform the Company if the Employee becomes aware of any lawsuits involving Claims that may be filed or threatened against the Company or its affiliates. The Employee also agrees to promptly inform the Company (to the extent that the Employee is legally permitted to do so) if the Employee is asked to assist in any investigation of the Company or its affiliates (or their actions) or another party attempts to obtain information or documents from the Employee (other than in connection with any litigation or other proceeding in which the Employee is a party-in-opposition) with respect to matters the Employee believes in good faith to relate to any investigation of the Company or its affiliates, in each case, regardless of whether a lawsuit or other proceeding has then been filed against the Company or its affiliates with respect to such investigation, and shall not do so unless legally required. During the pendency of any litigation or other proceeding involving Claims, the Employee shall not communicate with anyone (other than the Employee’s attorneys and tax and/or financial advisors and except to the extent that the Employee determines in good faith is necessary in connection with the performance of the Employee’s duties hereunder) with respect to the facts or subject matter of any pending or potential litigation or regulatory or administrative proceeding involving the Company or any of its affiliates without giving prior written notice to the Company or the Company’s counsel. Upon presentation of appropriate documentation, the Company shall pay or reimburse the Employee for all reasonable out-of-pocket travel, duplicating or telephonic expenses incurred by the Employ...
Cooperation. The parties agree that certain matters in which the Executive will be involved during the Employment Term may necessitate the Executive’s cooperation in the future. Accordingly, following the termination of the Executive’s employment for any reason, to the extent reasonably requested by the Board, the Executive shall cooperate with the Company in connection with matters arising out of the Executive’s service to the Company; provided that, the Company shall make reasonable efforts to minimize disruption of the Executive’s other activities. The Company shall reimburse the Executive for reasonable expenses incurred in connection with such cooperation and, to the extent that the Executive is required to spend substantial time on such matters, the Company shall compensate the Executive at an hourly rate based on the Executive’s Base Salary on the Termination Date.