Definition of Tax Purposes

Tax Purposes means for purposes of Federal income taxation and for purposes of certain State income tax Laws that incorporate or follow Federal income tax principles.

Examples of Tax Purposes in a sentence

Allocations for Tax Purposes A. Except as otherwise provided in this Section 2, for federal income tax purposes, each item of income, gain, loss and deduction shall be allocated among the Partners in the same manner as its correlative item of "book" income, gain, loss or deduction is allocated pursuant to Section 6of the Agreement and Sectionof this Exhibit "C".
The classification, realization and recognition of income, gain, losses and deductions and other items shall be computed (i) for U.S. federal income tax purposes, on the accrual method of accounting, and (ii) for Canadian Tax Purposes, in accordance with the Income Tax Act.
The Managing General Partner shall arrange for the preparation and timely filing of all returns of Partnership income, gains, deductions, losses and other items required of the Partnership for U.S. federal and state income tax purposes and, where applicable, Canadian Tax Purposes.
Calculation of Original Issue Discount for U.S. Federal Income Tax Purposes.
For Income Tax Purposes, Tax Items shall be apportioned between Pre-Deconsolidation Periods and Post-Deconsolidation Periods in accordance with the principles of Treasury Regulation Section 1.1502-76(b) or corresponding principles of any Income Tax Law as reasonably interpreted and applied by Agilent.