Exclusion of Sample Clauses

Exclusion of tax on overall net income. In this Clause 21tax deduction” means any deduction or withholding for or on account of any present or future tax except tax on the Lender’s overall net income.
Exclusion of. The limits of SILVERSPRING’s indemnity obligations *** shall not apply to or limit SILVERSPRING’s responsibility for *** under this Agreement. The selection of counsel by SILVERSPRING or by its insurer to represent and defend FPL Entities shall be subject to the prior written approval of FPL.
Exclusion of a student from the DOC NOMADS Masters course The student acknowledges that he/she might be excluded from the Masters course on the following grounds: □ absence without prior authorisation or valid justification; □ failure to complete required examinations in due course and fashion; □ failure to enrol for the given semester; □ pending debts of him/her at any host university, such as related to loss or damage of borrowed equipment; □ a disciplinary procedure is in progress against him/her at any host university; □ he/she is the subject of a criminal lawsuit that hinders participation in the course; □ termination of the course by the student’s fault or for unforeseen reasons. If the Academic Board notes that a student fails to make adequate progress or comply with the regulations in their studies, such student will be requested to have a personal interview with the Academic Board at the end of the given semester. Following this interview, the Academic Board will decide if, and under which conditions, the student is allowed to continue his/her studies. The student will be informed in writing about this decision. If such student fails to improve his/her behaviour or marks in the next semester, the Academic Board may exclude her/him from the Masters Course. The student can file an appeal with the xxxxxx of the consortium leader university. In the case of exclusion, a student is obliged to return all educational materials and equipment borrowed and to pay the following items in due time before departure: -­‐ full tuition fee of the academic year of his/her departure -­‐ the cost of any unreturned educational materials and equipment. The student undertakes the preliminary obligation to refund to the Consortium any money received over and above his/her scholarship applicable to the number of months prior to his/her exclusion.
Exclusion of. UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION COVERAGE AND SICK LEAVE AND ANNUAL LEAVE BENEFITS Neither HIGH SCHOOL nor anyone employed by HIGH SCHOOL shall be considered an employee of CITY for any purpose, including, but not limited to, the purposes of (1) unemployment compensation coverage and (2) sick and annual leave benefits provided by CITY, the same being hereby expressly waived and excluded by the parties hereto.
Exclusion of. The Supplier's Conditions These Conditions exclude any terms and conditions proffered by the person, firm or company ("the Supplier") with whom the Purchasing Agreement is made or to whom the Purchase Order is addressed, unless the contrary is expressly and specifically agreed in writing by BOC. They are in addition to and without prejudice to BOC's rights at common law or by statute as purchasers.
Exclusion of. DAMAGES:
Exclusion of. WARRANTIES This Agreement sets out the full agreement between the parties. No other warranties or representations have been made or given relating to this tenancy or to the Building or the Premises, or if any warranty or representation has been made the same is hereby waived and/or is or will not be relied upon by either party.