Taxes Payable Sample Clauses

Taxes Payable. 7.1 The Corporation agrees to reimburse the Indemnified Party for the net amount of all taxes payable by the Indemnified Party under the taxing laws of any jurisdiction as a result of the payment or reimbursement or Advance under this Agreement, including this clause, constituting a taxable benefit to the Indemnified Party.
Taxes Payable. The JVC shall pay taxes in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of PRC, and shall enjoy the preferential tax treatment it is entitled to under the Income Tax Law for Foreign Investment Enterprises and other applicable laws and regulations of PRC. In respect, Party A shall give its utmost assistance.
Taxes Payable. Unit: RMB
Taxes Payable. On November 14, 2017, the Company promoted the adhesion of several subsidiaries and investees of Grupo Lupatech to the Special Tax Regularization ProgramPERT, instituted by Provisional Measure no. 783/2017 and by Law no. 13.496/2017, reorganizing, through this action, the amount of R$123,000 of its liability related to contingencies and tax obligations, which was accompanied by discounts in interest, fines and charges in a total of R$48,000. Due to operational issues of the adhesion process, a significant part (73%) of the liabilities adhered to has not yet been consolidated. This stems from an operational/systemic issue of the Federal Revenue – liabilities that are not listed in the systems available for processing by taxpayers have to be handled manually. In the case of the Company, a large number of processes, especially customs, were included in this context. The company has timely taken the administrative and legal preventive measures indicated by its tax advisors to ensure the right to process the adhesion. In 2021, taking advantage of the favors introduced in the Exceptional Transaction modality Law 13,988/2020 (PGFN Ordinance No. 14,402/2020) and Law 14,112/2020, the Company reorganized the amount of R$35,050 of its liabilities related to Social Security and Treasury obligations, generating a direct benefit to Grupo Lupatech with discounts on interest, fines and charges in the amount of R$19,477. The adhesion required payment of a toll of R$93 in cash, with the remainder being settled in up to 120 installments. In the RJ modality within the scope of the RFB, such adhesion granted the right to settle 30% of the consolidated debt using credits arising from tax losses and negative basis in the amount of R$9,085.
Taxes Payable. 31/12/2013CalculatedPenaltiesPaid31/12/2014 EUREUREUREUREURStatutory social insurance contributions(47 574)(557 896)(2 601)566 692(41 379)Personal income tax(24 973)(303 534)(1 447)301 422(28 532)Value added tax(18 627)(287 083)( 966)269 702(36 974)Natural resource tax( 141)( 455)-426( 170)Real estate tax-(5 186)( 56)5 223( 19)Unemployment risk duty( 57)( 672)-674( 55)Corporate income tax(56 192)(92 122)( 844)126 334(22 824)TOTAL:(147 564)(1246 948)(5 914)1 270 473(129 953)TOTAL PAYABLE: (147 564) (129 953) TOTAL RECEIVABLE: - -
Taxes Payable. At the Time of Closing, the Purchaser shall pay to the Vendor, or to whom the Vendor may direct, by wire transfer, certified cheque or other immediately available funds, the amounts set forth in Schedule 3.7 - Allocation of the Purchase Price in respect of the GST and provincial sales taxes exigible in connection with the transaction contemplated hereby (in this section 3.9 called the "Taxes Payable"). The Taxes Payable shall be remitted by the Vendor in accordance with the ETA, the Retail Sales Tax Act (Ontario) and the Retail Sales Tax Act (Manitoba).The Taxes Payable shall be adjusted, to the extent necessary, based upon the Closing Balance Sheet Accounts, and any adjustment payment in respect thereof shall be made and, if necessary, remitted to the appropriate taxing authority, by the party responsible therefor at the time the purchase price adjustment payments are made pursuant to section 3.6.
Taxes Payable. The information related to taxes payable was presented in the Company’s 2015 annual financial statements, in Note 17. Consolidated Parent company Parent Company and subsidiaries in Brazil Mar/2016 Dec/2015 Mar/2016 Dec/2015 IPI75,90661,784 60,03748,579IR and CSL150,700175,963 29,72131,325ICMS206,254149,811 178,295110,669Other97,36888,198 75,61356,557
Taxes Payable. Mineral extraction tax22,717VAT payable86960Property tax0201Social taxes586882Other taxes129379Total taxes payable8035,139In thousands of SEK 31.12.201331.12.2012
Taxes Payable. Unit: RMB’000 2019 2018 (Unaudited) (Restated)Enterprise income tax603,914 705,646VAT30,986 64,461Urban maintenance and construction tax1,883 17,313Personal income tax1,231 1,328Land value increment tax– 6,354Others324 815 638,338 795,917