Be prepared Sample Clauses

Be prepared. Study the assigned exercise before you come to lab. Clarify instructions and safety protocols before starting lab exercise. Being familiar with the lab exercise prevents confusion and accidents. No unauthorized experiments are to be performed. Students must follow the procedural instructions in the lab handout/manual unless modifications to the procedures have been announced by the laboratory professor, in which case the student must follow the professor’s procedural instructions.
Be prepared. Both the landlord and tenant should go to Court on the return date prepared to argue their case or to negotiate. All paperwork (for example, Complaint, Summons, 3-day Notice, Return of Service, Answer, lease, and any records of payment or documents supporting the landlord’s reason(s) for eviction or the tenant’s defense(s)) should be brought to court. Both the landlord and tenant should be ready to explain to the Court in a brief, concise way why the eviction should (landlord) or should not (tenant) be ordered.

Related to Be prepared

  • Site Preparation Developer, at its sole cost and expense, shall be responsible for all preparation of the Property for development and construction in accordance with the Development Plan and Approved Plans and Specifications, including costs associated with excavation, construction of the Project, utility relocation and abandonment, relocation and rearrangement of water and sewer lines and hook-ups, and construction or repair of alley ways on the Property and abutting public property necessary for the Project. All such work, including but not limited to, excavation, backfill, and upgrading of the lighting and drainage, shall be performed under all required Permits and in accordance with all appropriate District of Columbia agency approvals and government standards, and Applicable Laws.

  • Joint Preparation The preparation of this Agreement has been a joint effort of the parties and the resulting documents shall not, solely as a matter of judicial construction, be construed more severely against one of the parties than the other.

  • Financial Statements and Other Information The Borrower will furnish to the Administrative Agent and each Lender: