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Be prepared. Study the assigned exercise before you come to lab. Clarify instructions and safety protocols before starting lab exercise. Being familiar with the lab exercise prevents confusion and accidents. No unauthorized experiments are to be performed. Students must follow the procedural instructions in the lab handout/manual unless modifications to the procedures have been announced by the laboratory professor, in which case the student must follow the professor’s procedural instructions.
Be prepared. Being prepared leads to successful experiences with the school learning environment. Skills and habits you develop at this time will help you to be prepared for future success in high school and the world of work. MATERIALS Students are required to come to class each day with the necessary supplies to be ready to learn. Supply lists can be found on the STMS website. Elective and PE classes have additional materials/fees that can be paid to the school bookkeeper. HOMEWORK AND ASSIGNMENTS Homework assignments are extremely important, and are essential practice for developing understanding and ability. On average, students should expect about 10 min per grade level each day, though it will fluctuate throughout the year. Homework and assignments are expected to be completed to the best of each student’s ability and on time. Successful students have regular routines of practice and preparation every day and are good habits to develop for future independence. Students who struggle with work completion will be directed to additional time and support to ensure that the proper practice is completed. In the event of excused absences, the student will have one day for each day missed to complete and submit the work. To assist students with gathering homework practice after an absence, each teacher will maintain a SWIFT website that can be accessed through the building’s webpage. Some SWIFT sites will list the homework that was given each day in class. There are two ways to get accompanying handouts or worksheets, by electronic form on the teacher’s website or as a hardcopy in the classroom. If the student does not have access to a computer, please call (000)000-0000 to request homework for two or more days of absences. Opportunities are provided to help you with your homework:  Teachers often provide work time in class and can answer questions and support learning immediately.  Thursdays during STRETCH period (8:00-8:45) is WIN Time (what I need) and a time for teachers to request students who are struggling back to their class for additional support and instruction on the learning of the day.  Homework Center is offered Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until 3:55 p.m. Students can receive additional assistance on homework and assignments on these days. The locations of homework center each week are made during daily student announcements. LUNCH TIME STMS operates four lunch periods Monday through Thursday and three on Fridays. Students are expected to eat in th...
Be prepared. To be equipped to undertake learning to the best of their ability. This includes pride in appearance and performance, meeting core expectations on attendance, punctuality, equipment, uniform, and to undertake learning with a positive attitude; • Respectful – Show kindness and courtesy towards others, following the school’s behaviour policy and acting as ambassadors for our community (including appropriate use of technology in and out of school; • Safe - act in a way that promotes the physical and mental wellbeing of others. Our students are expected to be excellent ambassadors for the school both in behaviour and in appearance. Students are expected at all times to wear full school uniform. Any student not appropriately dressed will be required to change into the stated school uniform. New and clean school uniform is kept in the Attendance Support Room for this purpose. • Names must be clearly marked on all garments • Students are allowed to wear one piece of discreet jewellery and a one small pair of stud earrings. No facial or other body piercings are allowed • Hairstyles and hair accessories must be discreet and appropriate for school • Make up, if worn, must be minimal • No false nails • All outdoor coats and school bags must be left in lockers on arrival at the school • Appropriate school bags must be used, rucksack or satchel bag, handbags are NOT permitted. GENERAL UNIFORM INFORMATION Our policy on uniform is based on the premise that school uniform: • plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of a school and setting an appropriate tone; • provides a sense of pride in the school; • identifies students of the school and engenders a sense of community and belonging; • promotes equality amongst students; • is practical, smart and affordable; The individual’s rights must be balanced against the community’s best interests. Most religious requirements will be met within the school’s uniform policy. It is possible that individual students may have a need to make some minor adaptations on the grounds of their religion. Adjustments made to conform to the requirement of mainstream religions e.g. head coverings are perfectly acceptable as long as this is in line with the student’s stated religion. We will aim to satisfy the dress obligations of mainstream religious traditions only; the religion must be in line with that stated on the data-checking sheet. It should be noted that the school considers trousers to be a gender-neutral option. Any other req...
Be prepared. Both the landlord and tenant should go to Court on the return date prepared to argue their case or to negotiate. All paperwork (for example, Complaint, Summons, 3-day Notice, Return of Service, Answer, lease, and any records of payment or documents supporting the landlord’s reason(s) for eviction or the tenant’s defense(s)) should be brought to court. Both the landlord and tenant should be ready to explain to the Court in a brief, concise way why the eviction should (landlord) or should not (tenant) be ordered.
Be prepared come ready to work mentally and physically. Always bring script, paper, pencil, rehearsal clothes and appropriate shoes.
Be prepared. Always maintain a brief, up-to-date presentation of your work ready to discuss with a visiting professor, a colleague, or me.

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