Definition of Tax Information

Tax Information means information and/or properly completed and signed tax certifications sufficient to eliminate the imposition of or to determine the amount of any withholding of tax, including FATCA Withholding Tax.
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Examples of Tax Information in a sentence

If the tendering stockholder has not been issued a TIN and has applied for one or intends to apply for one in the near future, such stockholder should write "Applied For" in the space for the TIN on the IRS Form W-9, sign and date the IRS Form W-9 and sign and date the Certificate of Awaiting Taxpayer Identification Number under "Important Tax Information" below.
This information includes, but is not limited to Protected Health Information (PHI), Personal Information (PI), Personal Financial Information (PFI), Federal Tax Information (FTI), Social Security Numbers (SSN), Payment Card Industry (PCI), and or other sensitive and confidential information.
To avoid backup withholding, a tendering stockholder is required to provide the Depositary with a correct Taxpayer Identification Number ("TIN") on Substitute Form W-9, which is provided under "Important Tax Information" below, and to certify, under penalties of perjury, that such number is correct and that such stockholder is not subject to backup withholding of federal income tax, and that such stockholder is a U.S. person (as defined for U.S. federal income tax purposes).
To the extent the Issuer receives any Tax Information other than from the Indenture Trustee or Paying Agent, the Issuer shall provide such received Tax Information to the Indenture Trustee upon request.
Promptly upon request, each Noteholder shall provide to the Indenture Trustee, Paying Agent and/or the Issuer (or other person responsible for withholding of taxes) with the Tax Information.