Those terms Sample Clauses

Those terms. (i) must be based upon normal commercial terms at that time (except as varied by this Agreement);
Those terms. (i) must be based upon normal commercial terms at that time (except as varied by this Agreement); (ii) may allow only Borrowers to use the Ancillary Facility; (iii) may not allow the Ancillary Outstandings to exceed the Ancillary Commitment; (iv) may not allow a Lender’s Ancillary Commitment to exceed that Lender’s Available Commitment relating to the Facility (before taking into account the effect of the Ancillary Facility on that Available Commitment); and (v) must require that the Ancillary Commitment is reduced to zero, and that all Ancillary Outstandings are repaid not later than the Termination Date applicable to the Facility (or such earlier date as the Commitment of the relevant Ancillary Lender (or its Affiliate) is reduced to zero). (c) If there is any inconsistency between any term of an Ancillary Facility and any term of this Agreement, this Agreement shall prevail except for: (i) Clause 34.3 (Day Count Convention and Interest Calculation) which shall not prevail for the purposes of calculating fees, interest or commission relating to an Ancillary Facility; (ii) an Ancillary Facility comprising more than one account where the terms of the Ancillary Documents shall prevail to the extent required to permit the netting of balances on those accounts; and
Those terms. (i) (A) must be based upon normal commercial terms at that time (except as varied by this Agreement), (B) shall provide that performance bonds, stand-by letters of credit and bank guarantees may have the term selected by the relevant Borrower and may only be in favour of beneficiaries agreed to by the relevant Ancillary Lender in accordance with the policy requirements of the Ancillary Lender as to beneficiaries of bonds, stand-by letter of credits and/or guarantees;

Related to Those terms

  • These Terms 1.1. The Airwallex Payment and FX Terms (the ‘Agreement’) comprises terms and conditions governing the relationship between you (‘Customer’ or ‘you’) and Airwallex Pty Limited (‘Airwallex’, ‘us’ or ‘we’) that apply to our Services (which we describe in clauses 5, 8 and 9). Please read this Agreement carefully and contact us if anything is unclear. The Customer and Airwallex will individually be referred to as a Party, and collectively, as Parties.

  • Lease Terms 8.1. The Tenant must observe and perform all conditions and covenants that apply to the Allotment Site contained in any lease under which the Council hold the Allotment Site.

  • Service Terms Each Service Order will provide for a service term. At the end of the service term of any Service Order, unless either party gives written notice to the other party of its intention not to renew at least ninety (90) days before the end of a service term, the term of such Service Order will automatically renew for successive twelve (12) month periods. Termination of one Service Order will not affect the term of any other Service Order.

  • License Terms This license is for one full Semester. It cannot be cancelled or terminated except under the conditions cited in this license.

  • ONLINE PUBLIC AUCTION TERMS AND CONDITIONS The Terms and Conditions specified herein shall govern all users of (PAH Website) IMPORTANT These terms and conditions apply to all online bidding at auction sales conducted by or in conjunction with AMBANK (M) BERHAD / AMBANK ISLAMIC BERHAD (“Online Public Auction”). By registering to participate, bidding or purchasing in a AMBANK (M) BERHAD / AMBANK ISLAMIC BERHAD auction sale via Online Public Auction, you expressly agree to be bound by these terms and conditions in full.

  • Contract Terms The contract term will be one (1) year, effective from date of award. The City and the Supplier shall have the option to renew this contract for an additional two (2) one-year periods. The contract shall commence upon the issuance of a Notice of Award by the City of Xxxxxx and shall automatically renew each year, from the date of award by City Council, unless either party notifies the other prior to the scheduled renewal date. At the sole option of the City of Xxxxxx, the contract may be further extended as needed, not to exceed a total of six (6) months.