Local Laws definition

Local Laws means the laws applicable in the U.T. of Puducherry.
Local Laws means all statutory and regulatory requirements applying in the jurisdiction where the Services will be performed (and includes where applicable, all applicable Commonwealth legislative and regulatory requirements);
Local Laws means laws other than central laws and applicable to the State.

Examples of Local Laws in a sentence

  • State and Local Laws: Member agencies will comply with all current and future Federal, State, and local laws, rules, and regulations, as they relate to consolidated public safety and dispatching.

  • All of Architect’ s employees, agents, principals, and Architect’s consultants shall abide by Federal, State and Local Laws and Board of Education policy while on District premises.

  • The expenditure of funds shall be in accordance with Federal, State, and Local Laws.

  • If KBC reasonably believes that any existing or future enacted or enforceable laws and practices in the third country of destination applicable to its Processing of the Personal Data ("Local Laws") prevent it from fulfilling its obligations under this DPA, it shall promptly notify Customer.

  • If KBC is unable to make available such change promptly, Customer may terminate the applicable Order Form(s) and suspend the transfer of Personal Data in respect only to those Services which cannot be provided by KBC in accordance with the Local Laws by providing written notice in accordance with the “Notices” section of the Agreement.

More Definitions of Local Laws

Local Laws shall be those local Applicable Legal Requirements that are: (a) identified in Attachment 2 and (b) in effect as of the Effective Date. If no local Applicable Legal Requirements are set forth in Attachment 2, the Work shall not incorporate any consideration of local Applicable Legal Requirements.
Local Laws means Applicable Laws in the jurisdiction in which the Relevant Event takes place;
Local Laws means the special terms and conditions relating to a particular jurisdiction, country, territory or regulated sector that apply to an Agreement where certain conditions are met, as updated from time to time, available at https://gbgplc.com/en/legal-and-regulatory/local- laws/;
Local Laws means the laws applicable in the Union
Local Laws means all laws, statutes, rules, ---------- regulations, ordinances and other pronouncements having the effect of law of any county, city, township or other political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania within which any of the Sites is located.
Local Laws means the Ordinances of the City;