Other Third Party definition

Other Third Party means an adult who is not the alleged victim's parent, caregiver, guardian, or other member of the alleged victim's household, and who is not responsible for the alleged victim's care, custody, and control.
Other Third Party any organisation that is not covered by the User‟s ICO registration;

Examples of Other Third Party in a sentence

  • Except where the parties agree in writing to the contrary, you are solely responsible for ensuring that: (i) the system on which the LICENSED SOFTWARE is installed, run and/or used contains all third party software not contained in or bundled with the LICENSED SOFTWARE as delivered and that is necessary to run, install and/or use such LICENSED SOFTWARE (“Other Third Party Software”) and (ii) You and/or your system fulfill the requirements of all required licenses for such Other Third Party Software.

  • Other Third Party Sources: Describe the third party source and how the data will be used.

  • Except as specifically provided in the Policy, or in any Rider included in this Policy, no benefits will be provided for the following: Duplicate Coverage and Other Third Party Liability • Workers’ Compensation or Coverage Provided by Law: No benefits will be provided for services paid, payable or required to be provided under any Workers’ Compensation Laws or which, by law, were rendered without expense to the Member.

  • Other Third Party Interest(s):If an entity other than you owns or leases any interest, including options, in the property, he/she must agree to the terms of the Deed of Easement if the Foundation extends an easement offer to you.

  • Vendor: Please describe any third party software.]3.2 Other Third Party Intellectual Property: [Vendor: Please describe any other intellectual property.]DISCLAIMER: Sections 3 through 12 of this sample Statement of Work are merely examples of the types of terms and performance measures that may be included in a Statement of Work.

  • Computerized files (Specify): Server Desktop Laptop Server (specify): Internal Contracted Service Provider Other Third Party Hard copy Audio recordings Video recordings USB key or similar portable storage device PDA, E-reader or similar hand-held computer Other:   25E.

  • Program Income and Other Third Party Revenue 3.1 Program income is defined as all revenue directly generated by a contract-supported activity or earned as a result of the contract-supported activity.

  • Based on the terms and conditions of your current loan application dated , the following fees will be paid by you directly to us for services provided: Application Fee $ Other Broker Fee(s) $Third Party Appraisal Fee $ Origination Fee $Other Third Party Fees $ By signing below, applicant(s) acknowledges receipt of a copy of this signed Agreement.

  • In addition, Your license to use the Other Third Party Software and Data is limited solely to use in conjunction with Your licensed use of the Program Property.

  • Subchapter III — Standards for Emergency Service Programs Eligible for Medical Assistance Program or Other Third Party ReimbursementDHS 34.20 Applicability.

More Definitions of Other Third Party

Other Third Party any organisation that is named within the User‟s ICO registration held on the ICO‟s Data Protection Register at the Commencement Date (unless otherwise stipulated by MIB from time to time);

Related to Other Third Party

  • Third Party means any person or entity other than the Government, the Procuring Entity, the Consultant or a Subconsultant.

  • Third Party Data has the meaning set forth in Section 9.3(a).

  • Third Party Materials means materials and information, in any form or medium, including any open-source or other software, documents, data, content, specifications, products, equipment, or components of or relating to the Services that are not proprietary to Provider.

  • BRRD Party means any Underwriter subject to Bail-in Powers.

  • Sublicensee means any permitted sublicensee of the rights granted Company under this Agreement, as further described in Section 2.2.

  • Sublicensees as used herein in either singular or plural shall mean any person or entity other than an AFFILIATED COMPANY to which Company has granted a sublicense under this Agreement.

  • Disclosing Party has the meaning set forth in Section 5.1.

  • Licensed person means an individual who is licensed or otherwise legally authorized to practice a professional service by a court, department, board, commission, or agency of this state or another jurisdiction. The term includes an entity if either of the following is met: