Parental Leave of Absence Sample Clauses

Parental Leave of Absence. A. A female unit member must use any or all accumulated leave during pre- and post-natal care for that period of time she is temporarily disabled, as determined by the unit member and her physician in accordance with the Family Medical Leave policy.
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Parental Leave of Absence. A Parental Leave of Absence will be granted, subject to the following:
Parental Leave of Absence. Preamble Pregnancy and parental leaves will be granted in accordance with the Employment Standards Act of Ontario unless otherwise amended.
Parental Leave of Absence. Upon written request, an employee who is pregnant or whose wife is pregnant shall be granted parental leave for up to six (6) months. Such leave shall apply in cases of adoption as well as natural birth. Upon birth of their child, an employee may certify the need to use up to two (2) weeks of sick leave prior to the beginning of any parental leave. Otherwise, parental leave for the mother shall commence immediately following the mother's medical leave or upon adoption of a child, and parental leave for the father shall commence no sooner than birth and no later than six (6) weeks following the birth or upon adoption of a child.
Parental Leave of Absence. 1. An unpaid leave of absence shall be granted a teacher for the purpose of child rearing as follows:
Parental Leave of Absence. For parents who are not eligible for maternity leave, a parental leave of absence of up to two (2) consecutive weeks following the birth or adoption of a child may be granted to parents who want to take paid leave. Educators taking such leave will be allowed to use a combination of sick and personal leave to receive up to two (2) consecutive weeks of pay, provided they have sufficient leave balances. A request for parental leave shall be made to the principal or immediate supervisor no later than thirty (30) days prior to the anticipated leave date.
Parental Leave of Absence. 1. A Flight Attendant that adopts a dependent child that is not currently living in her/his home or whose spouse or registered domestic partner adopts such a child, may request and will be granted a parental leave of absence for a period not to exceed one-hundred and twenty (120) days. Such leave will be taken within a year of the child’s placement in the home.
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Parental Leave of Absence. (a) An employee covered by this Agreement shall be eligible for parental leave of absence without pay upon completion of twelve (12) consecutive months of employment with the City School District.
Parental Leave of Absence. 1. Female A & S personnel may use accumulated sick leave during pregnancy and during post-natal care for that period of time she is temporarily disabled as determined by the administrator and her physician.
Parental Leave of Absence. 5.091 Definition A “parental leave” is defined as absence from school without pay by a certified/licensed employee who is pregnant, is adopting a child, or is to become a parent by reason of pregnancy of his spouse. In order to be eligible for parental leave, an employee shall have one (1) or more years of service with the Board.
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