Request for Sample Clauses

Request for. 13.11 Part time or shared positions can be requested but not necessarily granted. In determining such request, the superintendent will use the following criteria: • availability of part time teachers. • continuity within the classroom • feasibility and appropriateness of proposal
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Request for a new Direct Debit mandate signed by the Debtor and given to the Debtor PSP 19
Request for a Lieu Day must be made in writing to the employee’s Supervisor two (2) weeks in advance of the posting of the schedule.
Request for. Job Order Proposal - A written request to the Contractor to prepare a Job Order Proposal for the Detailed Scope of Work referenced therein.
Request for. Solutions — Document released in December 2011 by DHCS to assess if contractors have the requisite qualifications and resources suited to provide seamless access to the full continuum of medical care and social supports and services that Enrollees need to maintain good health and a high quality of life in the setting of their choice.
Request for. Correction or deletion of the personal information about the data subject which is in possession or under the control of the responsible party. Destroying or deletion of a record of personal information about the data subject which is in possession or under the control of the responsible party and who is no longer authorised to retain the record of information. A DETAILS OF THE DATA SUBJECT Name(s) and surname / registered name of data subject: Unique identifier/ Identity Number: Residential, postal or business address: Code ( ) Contact number(s): Fax number/E-mail address: B DETAILS OF RESPONSIBLE PARTY Name(s) and surname / registered name of responsible party: Residential, postal or business address: Code ( ) Contact number(s): STAATSKOERANT, 14 DESEMBER 2018 No. 00000 00 Fax number/ E-mail address: C INFORMATION TO BE CORRECTED/DELETED/ DESTRUCTED/ DESTROYED D REASONS FOR *CORRECTION OR DELETION OF THE PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE DATA SUBJECT IN TERMS OF SECTION 24(1)(a) WHICH IS IN POSSESSION OR UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE RESPONSIBLE PARTY ; and or REASONS FOR *DESTRUCTION OR DELETION OF A RECORD OF PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE DATA SUBJECT IN TERMS OF SECTION 24(1)(b) WHICH THE RESPONSIBLE PARTY IS NO LONGER AUTHORISED TO RETAIN. (Please provide detailed reasons for the request) Signed at .......................................... this ...................... day of ...........................20………... ........................................................................... Signature of data subject/ designated person 20 No. 42110 GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, 14 DECEMBER 2018 FORM 5 COMPLAINT REGARDING INTERFERENCE WITH THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION/COMPLAINT REGARDING DETERMINATION OF AN ADJUDICATOR IN TERMS OF SECTION 74 OF THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION ACT, 2013 (ACT NO. 4 OF 2013) REGULATIONS RELATING TO THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION, 2018 [Regulation 7] Note:
Request for. Employees who desire to transfer to another building or assignment should file a written notice of such a desire with the Superintendent or his/her designee. Such a statement shall include the school or schools, and assignment to which s/he desires to be transferred in order of preference. Such request for transfer should be filed no later than May 1 of the preceding school year. If the request is in response to a posted vacancy, the written notice should include the date of the posting, and the specific assignment advertised.
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Request for. INFORMATION ON FINAL MILL LICENSE TERMINATION SURVEY , Supplementary information: The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is considering proposing a legislative amendment that would revise section 274 c.(4) of the Atomic Energy Act tc modify the requirement that upon termination of an activity that results in production of mill tailings, the Commission must determine whether or not the licensee has complied with all applicable standards and requirements under the license. The draft amendment would eliminate this requirement with respect to licenses issued by Agreement States. Whether the NRC will go forward with an amendment, or what its precise language would be, has not yet been the subject of a Commission determination, it may be possible to effectuate the change simply by amending section 274 c.(4) of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 to strike out the language that now reads: "The Commission shall also retain ' authority under any such agreement to make a determination that all applicable standards and requirements have been met prior to termination of a license for byproduct material, as defined in section 11e.(2)." However, a number of considerations remain to be explored, including responses from affected Agreement States on the questions listed below. The proposed amendment is postulated on the assumption that the NRC is duplicating work already being done by Agreement States. The scope of your agreement includes regulatory jurisdiction over mill tailings to which the amendment would pertain. Therefore, j we would appreciate receiving your input on the following questions:
Request for. 1st interim payment and supporting documents‌ The beneficiary shall submit a request for an interim payment within 60 calendar days following the end of the reporting period. This request shall be accompanied by the following documents:
Request for a leave of absence with pay in excess of one (1) day shall be made to the Chief of Police who shall forward it along with his recommendation to the General Manager. The General Manager or his designated representative may make a separate inquiry into the reasons for the requested leave of absence. The General Manager will transmit his decision to the Chief of Police as rapidly as is practical. Whenever possible, leaves of absence with pay must be approved in advance.
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