Active Service definition

Active Service means a Covered Person is either 1) actively at work performing all regular duties at his or her employer’s place of business or someplace the employer requires him or her to be; 2) employed, but on a scheduled holiday, vacation day, or period of approved paid leave of absence; or 3) if not employed, able to engage in substantially all of the usual activities of a person in good health of like age and sex and not confined in a Hospital or rehabilitation or rest facility.
Active Service means service, including active state service and special duty required by law, regulation, or pursuant to order of the governor. Active service includes continuing service of an active member of the national guard and the defense force in fulfilling that active member's commission, appointment, or enlistment.
Active Service means that an Employee is in service with the County on a day which is one of the County's regularly scheduled work days and that the Employee is performing all of the regular duties of his/her employment with the County on a regular basis, either at one of the County's business establishments or at some location to which the County's business requires him/her to travel.

Examples of Active Service in a sentence

  • If you are reemployed by an Employer and you had a vested interested interest in your Employer Contributions Account as of your severance from service date, your Active Service prior to your periods of severance will be considered in determining your vested percentage in amounts credited to your Employer Contributions Account after your reemployment commencement date.

  • The completion of these forms, along with taking other steps, are conditions precedent to youth being able to be registered/enrolled into the program and moved into the Active Service Delivery phase.

  • All other eligible academic appointees3 are eligible for a total period of Childbearing Leave plus Active Service- Modified Duties (ASMD) of one quarter (APM 760-28).

  • After that, only an individual who was enrolled or co-enrolled under WIOA during the Active Service Delivery Phase may benefit from direct program expenditures or receive follow-up program services, and if then, only using WIOA funds.

  • If you terminate employment and then perform an Hour of Service within 12 months of your severance from service date, the period of absence will be counted as Active Service.

More Definitions of Active Service

Active Service. Active Service," as used herein, shall mean the performance of assigned duties in accordance with the HOURS OF WORK provision of this Agreement and shall include time spent by employees on paid leave as provided for herein but shall not include any time spent by employees on leave without pay. In the event of an employee's resignation, discharge or retirement from City employment, active service shall cease as of the employee's last day at work.
Active Service means being present and able to perform the duties to which an employee of the City of Columbus has been assigned.
Active Service. An Employee is in Active Service in any pay period in which they perform some work for the Company.
Active Service means service on active duty.
Active Service means service in—
Active Service means and refer to the state of being paid for services performed or paid while absent for sickness, vacation, holidays or paid leave of absence, but shall not include termination or severance payments.
Active Service means being present and able to perform the duties to which a member has been assigned.