Labour Management Relations Committee Sample Clauses

Labour Management Relations Committee. In recognition of the mutual benefits of open communications and on-going consultation between the faculty and the employer, the Labour/Management Relations Committee will meet on a regular basis and have equal representation for the Union and the Employer. The LMRC will serve as an open forum for the free and candid discussion of matters of mutual concern to faculty members and management.
Labour Management Relations Committee. 20.01 The parties recognize that a forum for ongoing discussions during the term of the Agreement can promote more harmonious labour relations between them.
Labour Management Relations Committee. (a) The parties hereby agree to appoint a joint Labour Management Committee of two (2) employees appointed by the Union and two (2) members appointed by the Home who shall meet to discuss and if possible provide understanding of points of mutual interest between the parties; it being understood that such Committee shall have no right to usurp the power of the negotiation or grievance committee. The committees shall meet from time to time as agreed between the parties and all matters for discussion shall be submitted to the Administrator of the Home previous to each meeting to be placed on the agenda. By mutual agreement of the parties, the number of representatives on the Labour Management Committee may be increased.
Labour Management Relations Committee. The Employer and the Union will establish and maintain a procedure of regular communication to promote greater understanding and better cooperation regarding all aspects of activity at the plants. The Employer shall appoint one or two persons and the Union shall appoint or elect two persons to serve on the Labour Management Relations Committee. A CLAC Representative shall be part of the Committee when in attendance. Employees serving on the Committee shall be paid at their regular hourly rate for meeting time. The Committee shall meet as often as deemed necessary to discuss any matters of concern placed before it by either one of the parties to this Agreement. A meeting of the Committee can be called at any time to deal with urgent matters, upon due notice by either party. The Committee shall elect a recording secretary whose task shall be to accurately record the proceedings of each meeting. Minutes shall be distributed to the Employer and the Union as well as to members of the Committee and be posted for the information of employees.
Labour Management Relations Committee. A Labour-Management Relations Committee shall be appointed and consist of not more than three (3) representatives of the Employer, as appointees of the Employer, and not more than three (3) members of the Union, as appointees of the Union.
Labour Management Relations Committee. To comprise a maximum of four (4) seniority employees as its members and the purpose of which is as set out in Article 5.04 of this Agreement.
Labour Management Relations Committee. 9.1 In recognition of the mutual benefits of ongoing consultations and open communications between the employees and the Employer, the Union and the Employer agree to continue to conduct Labour/Management Relations Committee meetings.